Janis Joplin yelling her off stage was “one of the greatest honors of [her] life,” according to Stevie Nicks.


‘One of the Greatest Honors of [Her] Life,’ Stevie Nicks said of being yelled off stage by Janis Joplin.

Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks are both rock music legends.

Nicks, whose career did not take off until 1974 when he joined Fleetwood Mac, admired Joplin, who died in 1970.

Nicks chose to view an awkward interaction between the two stars as an honor rather than an embarrassment.

Here’s what happened between Joplin and Nicks, as well as what Nicks had to say about it.

Nicks was in two different musical groups with her boyfriend at the time, Lindsey Buckingham (with whom she would later join Fleetwood Mac), before becoming a member of the rock supergroup Fleetwood Mac.

Buckingham’s band Fritz included her, and the two later formed the Buckingham Nicks duo.

Nicks had the opportunity to open for Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix in the late 1960s, while she was in Fritz and her career was taking off.

Nicks explained during an interview on the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show, “It was a big huge show in San Francisco.”

Nicks has credited the two members of the 27 Club with influencing her artistry, saying, “There were like 20 bands on; there was you, there were 15 more bands, and then there was Jimi Hendrix.”

Despite the fact that Nicks and Joplin are both rock music legends, their careers did not reach their pinnacles at the same time.

Nicks’ mainstream success did not come until she joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974.

Years prior to that, Joplin had already established himself as a well-known artist.

Nicks released her first album with Fleetwood Mac in 1975, five years after the singer of “Maybe.”

Despite the fact that Joplin never saw Nicks’ work with Fleetwood Mac, Nicks admired the “Cry Baby” singer greatly.

Nicks adored Joplin so much that she didn’t mind when she was part of the opening act and Joplin shouted for her to leave the stage.

Nicks’ set dragged on too long, and Joplin began yelling at the band to leave the stage.

“Being yelled off the stage by Janis Joplin was one of the greatest honors of my life,” Nicks later said of the incident (as reported by AP News).

Nicks continued to hold the “Me and Bobby McGee” singer in high regard, and it’s safe to say that there were no hard feelings between them.

Nicks was not only a fan of Joplin…

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