Jannie du Plessis’ baby son died in a drowning accident.


Jannie du Plessis, a South African rugby player, lost his baby son in a drowning accident.

Jan Nathaniel, the baby son of South African rugby star Jannie du Plessis, drowned in a swimming pool at home.

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the 10-month-old died while the family was celebrating the athlete’s 39th birthday at their home in the mining town of Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg.

Police have confirmed to multiple outlets that the child drowned in their pool and are investigating the case, according to Reuters.

According to The Times of London, “on November 16 at around 7 p.m., police were called to a scene of drowning where a 10-month-old baby boy fell in the swimming pool.”

“We aren’t doing well as a Lions family.”

“I can confirm that this tragedy occurred,” said Rudolf Straeuli, CEO of Du Plessis’ team, the Lions, to South African website Sport24.

“Everyone is heartbroken.”

Du Plessis and his wife Ronel have two daughters, Rosalie and Hele, and were instrumental in the South African team’s 2007 Rugby World Cup victory.

“Please pray for Jannie du Plessis and his family,” Toks van der Linde, a former South African rugby player, tweeted with a photo of Du Plessis, his wife, and their baby boy.

“His 1-year-old son drowned last night, and my heart is broken, broken, broken.”

“It’s not nice to get out of bed and read a message from your wife informing you of such a tragedy,” Duane Vermeulen, a father of two and a former teammate of Du Plessis, told News24.

I can’t imagine how one would feel after such a tragedy.”

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