Jason Manford reveals he saw a UFO above his house as a teen and it made his brother cry


JASON Manford revealed he saw a UFO above his house as a teenager and it made his brother cry.

The comedian, 39, claims he witnessed a UFO at the age of 14 flying above the house.

The experience didn’t just shake Jason, but also his brother Steve – who burst into tears.

“Me and my brother saw a UFO when I was about 14, just in our street in Whalley Range,” he told the Daily Star.

“It flew one way and then, almost at the opposite angle, flew off. No known plane could have done that. Me and my brother both it and he cried.

“He won’t be pleased about that because he’s quite the alpha male now. I told him it would be fine. I told him it might come back and visit him in his bedroom in the night, but I told him it was OK to cry.”

Despite witnessing this sight, Jason says he is still unsure about whether “they are real or not”.

The funnyman showed off his softer side last month when he shared a rare pic alongside his six kids on Father’s Day.

The 39-year-old comic indulged in a pancake and Nutella breakfast before opening up his cards and a special Playstation 4 gift.

He then took his kids out for a long Sunday walk as they made the most of their quality time together.

Sharing his thoughts about the day, Jason told fans: “A lovely Father’s Day. Recording radio show first thing, had pancakes and Nutella!

“Lots of cards and cuddles. Last of Us 2 on PS4 (& a promise of a day off chores this week to actually play it!).

“A visit to our new house/building site which is finally back up and running and ended the day with a lovely 5k walk which left everybody knackered.

“Early nights all round. Hope you all had a lovely day, and for those that had a tough one for various reasons, tomorrow is just a Monday and that’ll be easier.”

Dad-of-six Jason has four children – twin girls, a daughter and a son – with his first wife Catherine who he split with in 2013.

Jason has been married to second wife Lucy Dyke since December 2017 and the couple share two children together.

Not much is known about Lucy as the couple have chosen to keep their marriage private – apart from when she features in the comedian’s stand-up material.


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