Jemma Forte claims marriage is about ‘more than wedding day’


Pamela Anderson has split from her fourth husband just 12 days after their wedding, and it’s prompted a GMB debate on whether there should be a cap on the number of times you can get married. 

Author and presenter Jemma Forte, 46, from London, appeared on today’s show to claim that tying the knot multiple times makes a ‘mockery’ of marriage, in the wake of the former Baywatch star’s split from film producer Jon Peters, 74.

She argued that people need to ‘give it a bit more time’ before deciding to walk down the aisle, but journalist Cosmo Landesman said that it’s unfair to introduce a cap because people usually decide to marry in good faith.  

Viewers clashed over the issue, however the majority felt that it’s ‘ridiculous’ to put a limit on marriage – with one insisting that sometimes you have to ‘kiss a lot of frogs’ before you find the one. 

Jemma said: ‘I believe you can be in love multiple, multiple times, have loads of partners, do what you like. But that serious promise, that contract, I think it starts to make a mockery of it. 

‘You don’t have to do it and I also think, we’ve all had a relationship where you think you’re in love and then two-years down the line, you can’t stand them. So maybe give it a bit more time.

After insisting that she would ‘run for the hills’ if she met a man who had been married six times, Jemma explained that she felt marriage was about more than ‘ the day and the fluffiness’. 

She explained: ‘I would question why he’d done it, and whether they had really understood what that commitment meant. 

‘I don’t think marriage is just about the day and the fluffiness, you can be in love and have all that romance without getting married.

‘Marriage is actually ten years later when you’re picking someones pants up, or you’re going through something difficult and you work things out for better or worse.’ 

However Cosmo, who has already been married twice but is open to the possibility of getting hitched again,said that ‘practice makes perfect’ and feels you can’t put a limit on ‘the human heart’. 

He said: ‘I’m in between marriages. I’d like to get married again and I think practice makes perfect. 

‘You can’t cap the human heart. Nobody get’s married for a laugh, you go into it with good faith’. 

Many viewers agreed with Cosmo, with one insisting:’I’m struggling to see where getting married multiple times has a drain on economy and what it really has to do with anyone.’ 

Another said: ‘I can think of way better things to cap ! However, I’ve been married twice both for over 10 years. Both didn’t work out, but I know I married for love. I am not married now, but am with the man I should always have been with if only our paths had crossed sooner.’ 

A third fumed: ‘It’s no ones business but the individuals. Who are any of us to judge what’s right and wrong when having multiple marriages. Ridiculous to even discuss capping it!’ 

‘You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince’, said a fourth.

Mother-of-two Jemma, who has been married once before, went on to argue that while she is open to the possibility of tying the knot again, it would be a ‘massive’ decision because she’s already ‘broken her promises’. 

She told: ‘I got divorced, I’ve had a couple of relationships since, never say never, I might get married again – I  don’t want to rule it out entirety. 

‘But it would be a massive, massive thing for me – because the first time I essentially broke my promises and that for me was painful, it was huge.’

Cosmo went on: ‘That’s the reality of marriage and that’s why you don’t just rush into it. You do your best and if it falls apart then you deal with those consequences. You do what you can.’   

However some viewers agreed with Jemma, and felt that people tying the knot multiple times over the years are making a ‘mockery of marriage’. 

One wrote: ‘I think it’s a mockery of marriage after 5 times. My ex sister-in-law has been married 5 times and now on her 6th, she has a two year pattern, when she’s left the one the new one is waiting in wings ready.’ 

Another fumed: ‘Obviously some people have no real thought or respect for the marriage vows, just ignore them, they will go away, and probably get married again.’ 

‘The wedding is the day and should be a celebration, the marriage is making good on the commitment made in the ceremony and takes hard work, planning and sacrifice.’ argued a third.   


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