Jenna Ortega, star of ‘Scream,’ on the Stresses of Filming That Opening Scene (Exclusive)


Jenna Ortega, star of ‘Scream,’ on the Pressures of Filming the Opening Scene (Exclusive)

Scream begins with an incorrect number, just like in 1996.

Instead of Drew Barrymore, who famously starred in one of cinema’s most shocking moments, Jenna Ortega is on the receiving end this time.

“The Drew Barrymore ‘Casey Becker’ scene is one of my all-time favorite scenes in cinema,” said Ortega, who plays Tara Carpenter in the latest installment.

Over 25 years ago, a then-21-year-old Barrymore, who had been promoted to the lead role in the original film, was brutally murdered on-screen after only 13 minutes, proving that anything can happen in a Scream film and no character is safe.

Now, in the highly anticipated fifth installment of the (dollar)600 million franchise, Scream, a new generation of young characters – Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barerra), Wes Hicks (Dylan Minnette), Mindy Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown), and others – find themselves the target of the Ghostface killer.

The 2022 film reunites the original surviving trio of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) as they try to unmask their latest tormentor as a remake, reboot, and sequel all in one.

Ortega, who completely understood the pressure of reimagining the original sequence for longtime fans and newcomers alike, is at the center of Ghostface’s first phone call, continuing a long tradition of stunning cold open attacks.

“It could not have been done more perfectly,” the 19-year-old actress said. “It’s hard because I know that all the Scream films since have been sort of a reiteration or kind of play on that scene,” she added.

“I wanted to make it my own,” Ortega said of the original film’s director and screenwriter. “But I also wanted to make sure that the acknowledgement and respect for Drew, Wes [Craven], and Kevin [Williamson] was there.”

Before his death in 2015, Craven directed the first four installments of the series.

The new film featured Williamson as an executive producer.

ET spoke with Barrymore in 1996, just before the release of the original film, and she.

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‘Scream’ Star Jenna Ortega on the Pressures of Filming That Opening Scene (Exclusive)

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