Jessica Alba Opens Up About Seeing Her Eldest Daughter Honor in Therapy (Exclusive)


Honor, Jessica Alba’s eldest daughter, discusses going to therapy (exclusive)

Jessica Alba explains why she’s so open about going to therapy with her 13-year-old daughter Honor.

At the Baby2Baby 10th Anniversary Gala honoring Vanessa Bryant, ET spoke with the 40-year-old actress and founder of The Honest Company, and she discussed the importance of normalizing mental health conversations.

Alba said she and Honor began attending mother-daughter therapy sessions two years ago to work through communication barriers during her appearance on Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Instagram series Before, During, and After Baby in July.

As a member of the Latino community, Alba told ET that she wanted to make mental health a more acceptable priority.

“I grew up in a family where it wasn’t completely accepted,” she said.

“And I think the more we break down those walls and make it easy for people to understand and accept that it’s just about you showing up in a different way for your family or for yourself, and trying to be better, the better.”

“You know, tomorrow be better than today?”

Alba said her Honest Company will donate 10 million items to Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides diapers, clothing, and other basic necessities to children living in poverty, over the next year, and has already donated 26 million items.

Alba has known Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein, the co-CEOs of Baby2Baby, for a long time and has stated that she has been committed to The Honest Company giving back since the beginning.

“I was lucky to have Kelly and Norah as my girlfriends, mom friends, and we were in baby class together,” she explained.

“And as I was dreaming up, you know, the dream company, I knew I could really trust partnering with them and bringing this mission forward of truly providing those basic essentials for babies and families, not just for those who can afford it, but also for those who can’t.”

Alba mentioned some of the benefits of going to therapy with Honor during her candid conversation with Schwarzenegger in July.

Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, have three children: 10-year-old Haven and 3-year-old Hayes.

“I’m having trouble not treating my 13-year-old like a child — I want to treat them all like babies.”

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Honor Alba, Jessica Alba’s Eldest Daughter, Discusses Going to Therapy (Exclusive)

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Jessica Alba Addresses Going to Therapy With Eldest Daughter Honor (Exclusive)


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Jessica Alba Addresses Going to Therapy With Eldest Daughter Honor (Exclusive)


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