Jodie Comer poses with new boyfriend James Burke – as she’s ‘cancelled’ on Twitter for ‘dating a Trump fan’


KILLING Eve actress Jodie Comer has come under fire from a mob of fans for dating a US lacrosse champ – because he supports Donald Trump.

The star, 27, has shared some snaps of herself cosied up to rumoured new boyfriend James Burke in her home city of Liverpool, but not everyone is impressed with her choice of man.

On social media, Jodie has found herself on the receiving end of a barrage of criticism, all because James is a reportedly a supporter of Donald Trump’s Republican party.

Many were quick to insist the actress has been “cancelled” due to her new boyfriend’s political leanings.

Jodie plays bisexual Villanelle in hit BBC show Killing Eve, and has publicly supported LGBTQ rights and the Black Lives Matter movement – which social media users say are at odds with beliefs held by conservative Republican supporters.

The President has repeatedly spoken out against Black Lives Matter protesters, while his administration has rolled back measures to protect LGBTQ rights introduced under predecessor Barack Obama.

Not only has her name been trending on Twitter since details of her new beau emerged, the hashtag ‘#jodiecomerisoverparty’ has been too.

One wrote: “Jodie Comer dating a Trump supporter, while she’s portraying an LGBT character … is not only wrong but disgusting.”

Another added: “Jodie Comer if you’re reading this, you can’t play a gay character and call yourself an ally when you’re dating a Republican, you disgusting piece of s***.”

Thankfully for Jodie, many have also jumped to her defence.

One supporter tweeted: “Wow so actress Jodie Cromer ( Killing Eve star ) is dating a Republican and is getting absolutely slaughtered on Twitter!

“What kind of people are we becoming?!!”

Wow so actress Jodie Cromer ( Killing Eve star ) is dating a Republican and is getting absolutely slaughtered on Twitter ! What kind of people are we becoming !!

Another added: “You know, I am so bloody glad that social media wasn’t a thing when I was a teenager; I cringe at the inanity of my teenage diary.

“Same as I’m cringing at all these kids Tweeting for the cancellation of Jodie Cromer for having the ‘wrong’ kind of boyfriend.”

A third warned trolls to think twice before writing mean comments.

She said: “All i’m gonna say while jodie comer is ‘cancelled’ is that everyone who’s tweeting horrible stuff and insulting her clearly forgot that 5 months ago Caroline Flack ended her life because of this stuff. think about what your saying.”

Jodie’s apparent relationship with James came to light after she was spotted enjoying a cosy dinner with him in her home city of Liverpool.

He was seen arriving at her family home, and she was spotted in a hoodie with the crest of his club, Boston Laxachusetts, while out shopping.

Meanwhile, James, 26, deleted his social media profiles when his name became public and mentions of him on Jodie’s accounts have disappeared.

She has not commented on the reported relationship, or the resulting Twitter storm.

Award-winner Jodie split from her previous long-term boyfriend in March 2019.

And the star claimed she was too focused on her career to begin chasing a new romance.

She said: “I feel like if I meet someone at the right time that would be great, but at the moment I am cool with just being by myself. It’s nice.”

Meanwhile, playing a ruthless assassin made ­dating awkward.

Jodie said: “Villanelle has issues and she has no remorse. But when I am introduced to men sometimes they are a little bit hesitant and yes, maybe they can be a bit frightened.

But when they see the real me and it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s safe, she’s all good’.”

James, of Duxbury, Massachusetts, is kick-ass just like Villanelle — his team once suspended him for kicking an opponent.


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