JoJo Siwa did this for the first time because the moms on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution are so “crazy.”


JoJo Siwa Did This for the First Time Because the Moms on Siwas Dance Pop Revolution Are “Crazy.”

The new JoJo Siwa series isn’t for the faint of heart.

Siwas Dance Pop Revolution follows JoJo and her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, on their quest to form the next big kid pop group.

A hand-picked group of triple-threat tweens will compete for a coveted spot in XOMG POP, which will eventually serve as JoJo’s opening act, and the competition is fierce, as the former Dance Moms star revealed exclusively on E! News’ Daily Pop.

The competing kids, on the other hand, aren’t feeling as much pressure.

Instead, their “really intense” mothers are to blame, JoJo revealed on Tuesday, Nov.

E! will premiere the show tonight at 16 p.m.

“The moms just wanted their kids to be a part of it so badly,” she continued, adding that the high stakes eventually affected her and her mother as well.

“I wasn’t expecting it to get as tense as it did.”

“It’s crazy, you know? I think the pressure we were under to create such an amazing girl group, we didn’t want anything to go wrong,” JoJo continued.

Naturally, JoJo and Jessalynn had their share of mishaps, with the moms being the most common culprit.

“They were insane,” JoJo said on Daily Pop.

“When you see episode five, you’ll think it’s a joke.

I actually chastise one of the mothers for treating my mother badly.

I’m not sure if they’ll keep it in the edit, but it’s the first time I’ve ever sworn on camera.”

Jessalynn chimed in, “Twice.”

After the incident, JoJo said she immediately called her mother, but Jessalynn appeared unfazed.

“I’m like, ‘You’re 18, it’s fine!'” says the narrator.

JoJo’s calm response exemplified why she is so grateful for her mother.

Before turning to Daily Pop’s Justin Sylvester and guest host LisaRaye McCoy, she told Jessalynn, “I’m going to hype you up a lot right now.”

“To be a pop star mom, your mother has to be flawless.”

It’s the ideal mix of wanting it and going a little crazy to achieve it, as well as being nice, ethical, supportive, and human.”

“There’s a point when you have to be a momager, and there’s a point when you have to be a human and be a mom, and I think my mom does a fantastic job of being both,” JoJo continued.

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