Joy Behar, co-host of ‘The View,’ appears to be criticizing Meghan McCain, saying, ‘The Panel Is Perfect Now.’


Joy Behar, co-host of ‘The View,’ Appearingly Shades Meghan McCain — ‘The Panel Is Perfect Now’

Joy Behar is a television icon, a legend, and the star of The View right now.

As the show’s longest-serving co-host, Behar has seen a lot of people come and go.

Behar appeared to poke fun at recently-departed Meghan McCain when former conservative co-host Abby Huntsman returned to the “Hot Topics” table.

Behar isn’t one to keep her opinions to herself, which is why she’s the best co-host on The View.

Throughout Season 25, the daytime talk show invited former co-hosts back, and Abby Huntsman was one of them.

Despite the fact that Huntsman’s time on the show was brief, her former co-hosts appear to hold a special place in their hearts for her.

Huntsman greeted everyone except Behar as he walked onto the set of the show.

“Why did you skip me? Are you mad at me?” asked Behar, who is known for calling out her conservative co-hosts.

“Because you despise hugs,” Huntsman explained before leaping to his feet and sprinting over to hug Behar.

Huntsman would then be asked about her time on the show and whether she missed being at the “Hot Topics” table by the comedian.

Huntsman admitted that she missed the show, but that some of the executives who ran it caused her “some difficult days.”

“At the time, there were some executives and people here who made far too many of my days difficult.

They’ve all disappeared.

You guys went through a lot of it with me.

“I believe they’re all gone,” Huntsman stated.

“I mean, I don’t miss — the panel is perfect now,” Behar jumped in before adding, “I mean, I don’t miss — the panel is perfect now.”

Many saw Behar’s comment as a dig at McCain, who left the show at the end of season 24.

Abby Huntsman Explains Why She Left ‘The View’ and Why It Was the ‘Best Decision’ of Her Life

Fans of The View will not be surprised by Behar’s comment that the “panel is perfect now.”

McCain tried to joke with Behar when she returned to the show in January after a long maternity leave, but it only revealed a truth she didn’t want to hear.

McCain tried to de-escalate a heated exchange between the two co-hosts by sarcastically remarking that Behar missed her so much.

“I did not,” says the speaker.

I didn’t even realize you were gone.

“Zero,” Behar said.

“You know what? That’s so nasty,” McCain said, stunned by Behar’s response.

That’s so nastier than I thought it would be.

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