Justin Bieber Expelled From Mexico’s Mayan Ruins


Justin Bieber is unable to overcome his infantile tendencies, which continue to cause him problems. Bieber was “asked to leave” a historical site in Mexico on Thursday for being disrespectful.

The 21-year-old pop sensation essentially took over the archaeological site in Tulum, a vacation region located south of Cancun. The Associated Press reports that Bieber attempted to climb one of the pyramids and mooned everyone.

”I can confirm that Mr. Bieber was escorted out of the Tulum archaeological site yesterday,” Adriana Velazquez-Morlet, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, told ET. “He and his cronies yanked his pants down and insulted our site staff.”

Valezquez-Morlet continued, “We have a very strict conservation and respect policy for Mexico’s cultural heritage that applies equally to all of our visitors, famous or not.”

Bieber and his crew also caused consternation among the personnel by bringing bottles of booze into the building. Nonetheless, Bieber has been welcome to return, provided he behaves well.


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