Justin Hartley Teases a New Romantic Kevin in Season 6 of ‘This Is Us’


Justin Hartley Teases a New Romantic Kevin in Season 6 of ‘This Is Us’

The mystery of who Kevin ends up with in the future — if he’s destined to be with anyone — has piqued the interest of This Is Us Season 6 viewers.

Throughout the last five seasons, he has had a number of romantic interests.

As a result, his life’s love could be a variety of women.

However, Justin Hartley claims that his character is about to reveal a side of himself that fans have never seen before.

Madison revealed she was pregnant and Kevin was the father at the end of Season 4 of This Is Us.

They decided to work together throughout the pregnancy, and in season 5 they got engaged.

Kevin and Madison both wanted to give their twins a family.

They didn’t realize, however, that they were already one.

Madison called off the wedding after realizing Kevin wasn’t in love with her during the season 5 finale.

She deserved to be in the company of someone who was.

Kevin tried to stop her, but she persuaded him that they shouldn’t marry for the sake of their children.

The episode ends with a flashback to Kate and Phillip’s wedding day, five years in the future.

Kevin and Madison appear to get along.

Kevin and Madison struggled to co-parent in close quarters in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 1 because Kevin lived in her garage.

Kevin agreed to move out after an awkward moment between him, Madison, and her guy friend.

Justin Hartley spoke with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the premiere of This Is Us Season 6 about Kevin Pearson’s character arc in the final episodes of the popular NBC drama.

“A lot of people wanted the Madison thing, and they were heartbroken when it didn’t work out,” he said.

“And then a lot of people were like, ‘Well, that means he’ll go back with Sophie,’ and then there were people who probably just want him to be Manny.”

“When he finally wraps his head around the fact that it’s OK to be alone, that opens him up to be available to other people, rather than the square peghole thing that he constantly tries to do,” Hartley continued.

He’s fine with being by himself; he’s not lonely; he’s alone.

That’s a completely different situation.

And I believe it is because of this that I believe he is more receptive to love.”

When asked what new sides of Kevin fans might see in the film, he said:

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