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2020-06-14 23:30:04

Kanye West could extend his brand Yeezy to include beauty products and skin care.

Kanye West could extend his brand Yeezy to include beauty products and skin care.

The rapper currently produces clothing and footwear under its brand, but it has recently filed legal documents for the brand Yeezy in makeup, masks, nail varnish, shaving cream, deodorant, pillows, aromatherapy and more, reports TMZ.

Earlier this year, Kanye has been officially described as a billionaire and is worth $ 1.26-billion, after having provided documents to the magazine Forbes, which has proven its fortune by giving a ” look digital authentic on Kanye, Inc “.

However, Kanye disagrees with the findings of Forbes, saying that it is actually worth $ 3.3 billion and not $ 1.26 billion dollars, and the rapper has even sent a SMS to the publication after the publication of the article to correct it.

He would have written: “This is not a billion. It is $ 3.3 billion since person in the Forbes does not know to count. “

According to Forbes, Kanye was furious after the publication of the annual list of billionaires, global publication – featuring his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner, whose status as a billionaire has since been removed – was published in march, but there has been no mention of him.

He would have sent a text message: “You know what you are doing. You play with me and I’m not trying to get in bed and take it in the name of Jesus (sic). “

With its share of brand shoes Yeezy, that Forbes estimates at about $ 1.4 billion, with a note that it is a ” private for $ 1.4 billion in highly illiquid “, which brings it close to $ 1.26-billion, Kanye has also $ 17 million in cash and $ 35 million in stock.

He also holds 81 million dollars in “buildings and improvements”, $ 21 million in land and his G. O. O. D. The label – with its own rights to the recorded music and publishing – is worth at least $ 90 million, according to documents provided by the rapper.

However, because of the illiquidity of these countless assets, and the lack of independent backup”, Forbes estimates that the assets are worth 50% less than what is stated, leaving Kanye with approximately $ 125 million of assets outside of Yeezy.

In addition, the magazine indicates that, between ” mortgages, loans and other debts “, the rapper owes about $ 100 million.

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