Karen Grassle was afraid she would appear as a ‘Loser’ during her audition for ‘Little House on the Prairie.’


Karen Grassle was afraid she would look like a ‘Loser’ during her audition for ‘Little House on the Prairie.’

Karen Grassle starred on Little House on the Prairie from 1974 to 1982.

She later wrote about her audition experience years later.

Here’s what Grassle had to say about her encounter.

When Grassle’s agent told her she’d be playing Carolyn Ingalls, she knew she’d have to dress the part for the interview.

According to Grassle, she needed to put on a dress and skip the makeup.

She claims she didn’t have a dress and had to go shopping for the perfect one.

Grassle had to dress modestly because she was auditioning for the role of a “pioneer mom.”

She claims the “in” look at the time was tight jeans, midriff-baring tops, and a lot of makeup, but she couldn’t get the part she wanted because of it.

During her interview, Grassle claims to have been completely honest.

She gave a rundown of her experiences when she got to the part of the interview where they asked her to tell them about herself.

She claimed that she was in a Broadway show that only lasted five days, that she worked for a Shakespeare company that depleted her savings, and that she had a movie deal that fell through.

Grassle tried to keep a positive attitude about her career setbacks by approaching them in a humorous manner.

“My take on it all was darkly amusing, and I was amused, myself, as I told the story,” Grassle wrote.

She claims that producers Ed Friendly and Michael Landon laughed with her as she spoke about some roadblocks.

At first, Grassle was pleased with her interview, but she later reconsidered her comments.

Because she focused on all the things that had gone wrong in her career, the Caroline Ingalls actor began to worry that she sounded like a “loser,” she says.

She later had a “moment of clarity,” in which she reminded herself that she had told the truth about her career.

She accepted the situation and decided that “so be it” if they didn’t want her for the part.

A Love of Life episode was one of Grassle’s first acting roles.

She then appeared in an episode of New York Television Theatre in 1969.

In an episode of Gunsmoke called “The Wiving,” Grassle played Fran.

Grassle first appeared on screen in the 1981 film Harry’s…

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