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Kate Garraway in hospital over mystery eye injury and left ’embarrassed’ when they pulled out six-day old contact lens


KATE Garraway has revealed she ended up in hospital over her mystery eye injury.

The 53-year-old admitted she was left “embarrassed” when her doctor pulled out a six-day old contact lens from her eyeball.

It turned out a piece of an old lens had got trapped and caused a nasty infection.

She told her co-stars on Good Morning Britain this morning: “A team of eye nurses were baffled, absolutely baffled.

“Then eventually, after having drops, they found it was actually a contact lens stuck in my eye that’s been in there for about six days.

“I felt embarrassed – I thought I had taken it out, but there was bit still in there – just by root cause untidiness.”

Yesterday Kate posted a snap of herself unusually wearing glasses while working at Smooth Radio.

She told listeners: “I always think that when I’ve got my glasses on I look a bit more brainy. But if you’re listening to me on Smooth Radio you’ll know that nothing has actually changed.

“I’ve got a really sore eye. It’s really hurting and I don’t know what I’ve done to it. I can’t put my contacts in and I’m wearing my glasses.”

Explaining to viewers she had got the problem treated, Kate this morning added: “I’m not really allowed to have contacts in today, but I thought I would take them out after the show…”

Kate is back at work after taking a break while husband Derek Draper was left seriously ill in hospital with coronavirus.

He was rushed to intensive care with coronavirus back in March and put into a coma shortly afterwards – but he remains with limited consciousness.

The 53-year-old is still unable to speak, with doctors warning he may stay in his current condition.

Kate said she was feeling “braver” about going outside after being sped to the radio station on the back of a motorbike this week.


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