Kate Garraway reveals she will see husband Derek for the first time in four months today amid his coronavirus battle


KATE Garraway has revealed she will visit husband Derek Draper in hospital today amid his coronavirus battle – and it will be her first time seeing him face-to-face in four months.

The presenter – whose husband is still seriously ill after contracting the virus earlier this year – gave fans a hopeful update today, and revealed his nurses will be playing Good Morning Britain for him this morning.

The family have not been able to see Derek, 52, in person since he went into hospital in March.

She told last week how she couldn’t see Derek in person, saying: “The hospital where he is is now COVID free which is huge for them but they still have to be so careful, so we can’t see him.

“I’m hoping that will change in time…it’s like I can go to Primark but I can’t give him a hug!”

And now it has changed and she’s set to finally reunite in person later today.

Kate, 53, said on today’s show: “I might be able to go and visit Derek after the show today and in fact the nurses are going to put Good Morning Britain for him today.

“They’ve got a TV and they’re putting it on this morning, obviously we don’t know what he can hear or see.

“They didn’t realise I was on air yesterday, but they’re going to put it on today and see if there’s any reaction.

“We’re trying anything at the moment.”

Kate, who shares 14-year-old Darcey and 10-year-old Billy with Derek, returned to the show yesterday after being off since March, when his battle with the virus began.

While on the show, Kate’s eyes filled with tears while talking to coronavirus survivor Michael Rosen.

The children’s book writer described his recovery after 47 days in a coma.

Kate said: “It’s stories like yours that give everybody hope, so thank you very much indeed.”

Her co-host Ben Shephard agreed: “It’s hugely important. Kate, as you’ve said to me in the past about recovery, where there’s life there’s hope.

“That has been a long journey for Michael and it’s continuing. I thought that was a lovely description – ‘COVID has a very long tail’.”

Kate replied: “A very long tail, it does and it gets more so.

“There will be emotional and physical [battles]for the families and everybody else…”

She struggled to carry on as she got teary, adding: “I might get emotional so shall we talk to Lorraine.”

Michael, the author of the Bear Hunt, is learning to walk again after his coronavirus battle. He warned: “It isn’t an illness you have and just leave behind. I hope, Kate, it gives you some hope too.”

Kate replied: “It’s fantastic to see people come through this. It’s so lovely to hear you.”


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