Katie Price and boyfriend Carl Woods reveal they have each other’s passwords so there’s no cheating in new relationship


KATIE Price has revealed she has her new boyfriend Carl Woods’ passwords to his social media so he won’t cheat.

The 42-year-old model took to YouTube this afternoon with her new boyfriend to explain that they know what they want and aren’t interested in messing each other around.

The couple say there’s “no inboxing or messaging anyone” going on as they look at each other’s social media.

“We’re not going to have anyone try to ruin us or make up stories,” Katie said.

Carl added: “We’re in a relationship and we have eachother’s Instagrams, we’ve got our passwords, my Instagram’s on her phone and hers is on mine so there is no inboxing or messaging anyone.

“Anyone can make up lies if they want to but we have got everything of eachother’s and we are completely and utterly open and you just cannot go wrong.”

Katie said: “I just want you to know, we are strong, I love this man, he’s my today, my future, my everything.”

Carl continued: “The fact that we’ve got our social media accounts on eachother’s phones it’s not an insecurity issue at all, it’s actually to try and prevent people from making up lies and stories.”

Sharing the clip on her YouTube channel, Katie posted: “There are a lot of rumours going around regarding me and my boyfriend!

“I wanted to do this video to put all of these rumours to bed! We are really happy together and can’t wait to see what the future brings us.”


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