Keith Morrison’s New Podcast, The Thing About Helen and Olga: Everything You Need to Know


Keith Morrison’s New Podcast, The Thing About Helen and Olga: Everything You Need to Know

Keith Morrison has seen just about everything there is to see in this world.

In the 30-plus years since he joined the network, the NBC correspondent has covered hundreds of cases, including the Columbine shooting, 911, and more historic events than we can count.

When it came time to write his next podcast, Morrison said he “jumped at the chance” to revisit the crimes of Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, he recalled, “A number of years ago, we did a story about these two women, Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt, who had committed a series of really terrible crimes against vulnerable, helpless men.”

“It’s always in my head.”

The appeal of Helen and Olga’s story, according to Morrison, extends beyond their actions; he explains that he was fascinated by the unlikely pair’s ability to “drift into criminality.”

“They pretended to be lovely, elderly ladies while planning the murder of innocent people with infinite care and detail,” he said. “They were patient, waiting years for the right moment, when they knew all along that the person in their care was going to be killed in the most violent way, right down to the date when it would be okay to do so.”

Helen and Olga were “awfully good at covering their tracks,” according to Morrison, but a skilled team of detectives eventually caught them.

Morrison is revisiting what happened in the six-part podcast The Thing About Helen and Olga, which is already No.

Apple Podcasts has ranked it as the number one podcast on the platform.

Continue reading to learn more about the individuals involved.

A former real estate agent who has become a homeless men’s advocate.

Following the death of his wife, a homeless man struggled with alcoholism and depression.

Helen’s journey to help the homeless was joined by a Hungarian immigrant.

After Kenneth became homeless, Helen and Olga stepped in to help him.

Jimmy saved his own life by refusing Helen and Olga’s offer of shelter and food.

On Helen’s property, one of the men lived.

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