Kelly Brook says she ‘struggled to breathe’ amid ‘anxiety’ in lockdown and downed vinegar to stop getting coronavirus


KELLY Brook says she suffered ‘crippling anxiety’ during lockdown that left her struggling to breathe. 

The model-turned-presenter opened up about her state of mind and revealed she would down apple cider vinegar to try and prevent getting coronavirus. 

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Kelly, 40, admitted that things got so bad she would wake up in the middle of the night anxious and breathless – convinced she had coronavirus. 

The self-confessed ‘germophobe’ made the confession during a chat with pal Vicky Pattison on the reality star’s podcast: Secret To Surviving Isolation. 

Kelly said: “It has been scary. I’ve never really suffered with anxiety but my anxiety during lockdown went through the roof.

“I was getting up in the middle of the night, having to go and sit in the kitchen and breathe because we just didn’t know what was going to happen, if we had it, if we didn’t have it. It was just awful.”

The Heart radio presenter went on: “I would go and sit in the kitchen, I would drink some apple cider vinegar, which sounds crazy, but I just think that kills all germs.

“And then I would have some water and then I’d sit on the floor, boil the kettle and have some herbal tea and just breathe and try to meditate and focus on lovely things.

“And then after about 15 minutes I’d calm myself down and go back to bed but I can’t imagine how crippling that must be for people who have it all the time.”

Kelly’s obsession with germs has caused issues with her working in the past. 

She also revealed on the podcast that she felt the need to clean the radio station’s kitchen from top to bottom.

“When I first started working at Global radio I remember going in – and I’d never been in an office environment – and I went into the kitchen and obviously everyone just puts their cups and plates everywhere.

“They had cleaners that come round three or four times a day but I got culture shock so the first thing I would do on a Saturday morning was go in the kitchen and I’d have to clean the whole kitchen before the show.

“I got obsessed with it – I thought I have to clean up before I do my show. They were like “what is she doing?”.

“I was used to having my own space so when all of a sudden you’re sharing your space quite intimately, it was a real weird thing for me.

“I’d go in and I could smell people, and I was like ‘what’s that smell?’ and my producer was like ‘that’s just people, Kelly’ and I didn’t like it, I wanted to open a window – it was so embarrassing.”

Kelly has been in lockdown with her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, 34, and the pair regularly share loved-up selfies with each other – either at home or on holiday.

They have been keeping fans updated during lockdown, posting pictures of themselves cooking, gardening and working from home.

Kelly and Jeremy, who started dating in 2015, recently became fur-parents to super cute Cavapoo, Teddy. 

The Heart FM host told fans she is “so in love” with the handsome brown and-white canine, who already has more than 2,000 followers on his Instagram account.


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