Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Spencer is slashed with a knife while confronting a ‘drunk’ man in a Manhattan restaurant


KELSEY Grammer’s daughter Spencer was slashed with a knife while confronting a ‘drunk’ man in a Manhattan restaurant.

The 36-year-old actress was out with a friend when the situation escalated.

Spencer, who is better known for her role in the series Greek, was harmed when she and her friend, Jan Phillipp Mueller, tried to help the employees of a New York City restaurant deal with a man who was intoxicated, sources told The New York Post.

Things escalated when a man tried to get a table at The Blank Ant in the East Village at around 11:30 p.m. but was turned away because the restaurant was closing.

The man started fighting with employees and several customers, including the actress and her friend, sources and eyewitnesses said.

“Everyone jumped out of their seats. About 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart,” a witness named David recounted.

He added: “It looked like there was a full-on brawl.”

Another eyewitness told ABC 7: “He was definitely too intoxicated.

“And he took his actions from one thing to another, and he hurt people who had nothing to do with his actual issue.”

Unfortunately, Spencer was slashed in the right forearm, while her friend Jan was slashed across the back.

The attacker escaped by the time police got to the scene and the two of them were taken to Bellevue Hospital to treat their injuries.

They were both released shortly after.

Spencer is currently a voice actress for Rick and Morty where she plays Summer Smith.

She has also found herself working on film sets.

In 2018 she was in the Brampton’s Own cast, and in 2019 she got to work on I’d Like to Be Alone Now.

The actress began her career in 1992 with a small role in Cheers.


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