Kristen Stewart Gives a Refreshing Reaction to Oscar Talk About “Spencer”


Kristen Stewart Has a Refreshing Reaction to Oscar Talk About “Spencer”

Kristen Stewart, who plays Princess Diana in the critically acclaimed biopic Spencer, is unconcerned about her Oscar nomination.

The actress responded that she doesn’t “give a s––t” about the Academy Awards focusing on her.

Her first nomination for an Academy Award would be in this category.

On a recent episode of Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast, the actress admitted that the Academy Awards are a strange annual event for her.

“The Oscars are a hoot.

So many incredible films and performances go unnoticed.

It says a lot about where we are as a collective presence — what we’re looking at and caring about.

I’m grateful that something I was a part of sparked such a broad debate.

We don’t make movies so that we don’t have to interact with one another.”

On the Spencer press tour, Stewart hasn’t been shy about voicing her opinions.

She made it clear in a recent interview with Insider that she doesn’t like comparisons of her personal life being exploited by the media in the same way that Princess Diana was paraded through the media circus.

“I’m running out of time, but I had one more question for you, Kristen.”

Diana piqued the interest of the paparazzi and the media.

That’s something I’m sure you can identify with.

“Have you changed your life in any way since filming this movie?” the interviewer inquired.

“No,” the actress replied curtly.

We work in completely different fields, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned.

So, since you don’t have any more time, Google that nonsense.

That’s it.


While she hasn’t been as forthcoming since the film’s release, Stewart stated that joining Pablo Lorraine’s film was an easy yes prior to its release.

“He dialed my phone number.

“At first, I hadn’t read the script, and he proposed this idea and said he was working on this weird tone poem about Diana, and asked if I would be interested in tackling the subject at all before sending the script,” she explained.

“I kind of said ‘Yes, absolutely,’ without thinking, and very irresponsibly.”

Kristen Stewart Gives Refreshing Response to ‘Spencer’ Oscar Buzz Chatter

Kristen Stewart Gives Refreshing Response to ‘Spencer’ Oscar Buzz Chatter

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