Kurt Angle compares AJ Styles to a current AEW star


Kurt Angle compares AJ Styles to the current AEW star.

Kurt Angle has nothing but good things to say about AJ Styles after their many great matches together in TNAImpact Wrestling.

The Olympic gold medalist reflected on his classic bouts with Styles in a new interview with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, then went on to compare current AEW star Kenny Omega to “The Phenomenal One.”

“Coming into the (TNA), that was my inspiration,” Angle said (ht SEScoops).

“I had my sights set on AJ because he was one of the best all-around performers I’d ever seen.

What he’s capable of in the ring.

He was an expert in the field of technology.

He excelled at soaring to great heights.

He was in possession of the entire ball of wax.

You didn’t have to do any work with AJ, which was fantastic.

It was like a night off when you wrestled him.

He was the one who did all of the bumping.

He was the one who did all of the selling.

He was the one who did all of the flying.

You only had to catch him.

I could hang out with AJ for an hour and a half without breaking a sweat.

He’d be exhausted, though.”

“Another wrestler who reminds me of AJ is Kenny Omega,” Angle said of Omega.

Yes, absolutely.

This group is a cut above the rest.

Whatever the case is.

They have the it factor, I’m not sure what it is.

These guys put on fantastic exhibitions.

I’m not buying all of Dave Meltzer’s six and seven-star matches, but the only person who deserves six, seven, eight, or nine stars is Kenny Omega.

It’s amazing how talented he is.”

Styles and Omega are ironically linked because “The Cleaner” kicked Styles out of Bullet Club in 2016 (while Styles was on his way to WWE) and then took over as the group’s leader.

He would eventually become a member of The Elite faction, which broke away from Bullet Club and founded All Elite Wrestling.

Angle has previously been praised by Omega, who has referred to him as one of the greatest fighters to ever enter the squared circle.

“I felt like I just missed out on possibly wrestling Kurt Angle, and that would have been a dream match for me,” Omega said in September to Adam’s Apple (ht Wrestling Inc.).

“He’s a guy I really like.”

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Kurt Angle Compares Current AEW Star to AJ Styles

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