Kylie Jenner accused of leaving just $20 tip on a $500 dinner by waitress-turned-model in viral TikTok video


A FORMER New York waitress turned model slammed Kylie Jenner for leaving only a $20 tip after racking up a $500 dinner bill at the “fancy” restaurant where she worked.

Julia Carolan went viral on TikTok exposing celebrities who visited the restaurants where she worked for bad manners or bad tipping.

The now professional model worked at Nobu in Manhattan and an unnamed restaurant in the TAO Group, which include several exclusive restaurants such as TAO, LAVO, and Beauty & Essex.

Julia did not hold back when it came to rating her famous guests and both Jenner sister did not score very high on the former hostess’ scale.

She said Kylie was polite enough but a bit stingy when it came to tipping and only gave the makeup mogul two out of 10.

“She was fine but she tipped $20 on a $500 dinner bill. Do with that information what you will,” Julia explained.

Kendall rated a bit higher than her younger sister, but Julia described the supermodel as “cold”.

“This is another one where I unfortunately did not have the best experience with them,” Julia said.

“She used to come in all the time and she was pretty cold towards staff.

“She also usually has someone speak for her and doesn’t speak directly to staff, I’m going to giver her the benefit of the doubt and say she’s shy.”

Julia also did not have kind words to say in the videos – which have had millions of views – about Hailey Baldwin.

Referring to her as “Mrs Bieber”, Julia said she’d met the 23-year-old model who is married to Justin Bieber several times.

“This is going to be controversial, but I’ve met her a handful of times and each time she was not nice,” Julia said.

“I really want to like her, but I have to give her a 3.5 out of 10. Sorry.”

Hailey responded to the model’s videos to apologise if she came off as rude.

She said: “Just came across this video, and wanted to say so sorry if I’ve ever given you bad vibes or a bad attitude. That’s not ever my intention!”

The waitress turned model did praise other celebrities including Nick Jonas and Josh Peck.

She had nothing but kinds words for sister supermodel Gigi and Bella Hadid, describing them as “so nice”.



“They were super polite and friendly to staff which unfortunately is rare for celebrities,” Julia said.

She also rated superstar Beyoncé and incredibly gave her a score of 10,000,000 out of just 10.

“This is the most starstruck I’ve ever been,” Julia confessed.

While she didn’t get to speak too much to Beyoncé, she did walk her and husband Jay-Z to their table.

“But when she left, she made sure to look me in the eye and give me a big smile and say thank-you. She’s beautiful,” Julia finished.


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