Ladbaby discovers he’s sitting on a ‘fortune’ with 50p featuring the Battle of Hastings that sold for £63,000


LADBABY star Mark Hoyle has found a ‘rare’ Battle of Hastings 50p – just like one that sold for a staggering £63,100.

The 33-year-old YouTube star, who has two No1 charity singles where he sings about sausage rolls with wife Roxanne, revealed the startling discovery on Instagram.

He told his followers he rushed to trawl through his collection of coins after reading about the bumper price tag one of them recently achieved.

Mark said: “Now Rox always winds me up because when I get any 50ps, I keep them”, joking: “I’ll take 60 grand for it now, Just DM me.”

A edition of the 50p piece sold on eBay last month for more than 126,000 times its face value – despite many insisting it’s not even that rare.

The coins were struck back in 2016 to mark 950 years since the battle between King Harold II of England and William the Conqueror in 1066.

The back of the coin features an artwork showing of King Harold with an arrow through his eye, taken from the Bayeux Tapestry.

With more than six million in circulation, they’re not the rarest out there – the Kew Gardens coin still holds this title with just 210,000 in circulation.

But they are harder to come by than most – for example, there are more than 17million Dictionary 50p coins in circulation and they’re also considered to be rare.

It ranks at two on Change Checker’s scarcity index scale, alongside Paddington Bear at the Station and Roger Bannister 50p coins.

Prices for the Battle of Hastings coin certainly vary wildly, with another of the coins selling on eBay for £7,000 in 2017, while others have changed hands for less than a tenner.

Nottingham Forest fan Mark and wife Roxane have two children – Phoenix Forest and Kobe Notts.

While Roxanne was pregnant with their first son, he created the LadBaby blog which spawned a YouTube page that is now closing in on 1million subscribers.


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