Lauren Goodger edited her face, hair and DAD in snap of her aged five


LAUREN Goodger has been caught out after posting a heavily edited picture of herself aged five – and even gave her DAD a digital makeover.

The 33-year-old former TOWIE favourite Photoshopped the snap to alter her face and added flowing hair before posting it on Instagram.

However, she was called out when eagle-eyed fans spotted the picture was very different to the one that appeared in her 2013 autobiography, Secrets Of An Essex Girl.

In the original picture, Lauren had short hair, but in the one that appeared this week, she had long flowing locks over her shoulders with what looked like blonde highlights.

She also had a brighter face, bigger lips and darker eyes, with the freckles and a squint she had in the first picture removed.

Even her dad got a new look – with the pair of them having much smoother faces compared to the original shot.

Fans were shocked that she would edit a childhood photo, with one telling her: “There’s nothing wrong with the original photo.”

Another wrote: “Oh my lord! She even gave her dad fuller lips!”

Lauren’s spokesperson says that Lauren’s sister filtered the photo before sending it – and Lauren had no idea when she posted it and thought it was the same as the one that’s in her book.

They explained: “Lauren actually thinks it’s funny people are more worried about her photos being filtered than the pandemic or the global economy.”

Lauren has been accused of Photoshopping her snaps for years, with fans often pointing out wonky doorframes and walls in her sexy Instagram posts.

Both are are telltale signs that images that been manipulated, often because body parts have been stretched or made slimmer.

Lauren recently defended Kylie Jenner after she was accused of Photoshopping her pictures.

She wrote: “Loool don’t we all? Doesn’t mean she’s fat or ugly. It’s Instagram!!.”

Earlier this month, Lauren told fans she was thinking about posing naked for an explosive photo shoot – just like her hero Kim Kardashian.

Responding to a fan who asked if she would strip off entirely, she replied: “If the offer was right… like @kimkardashian.”


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