LeBron James Discusses His Suspension for the First Time in His NBA Career


For the First Time in His NBA Career, LeBron James Speaks Out About Being Suspended

After serving his first suspension in his NBA career, LeBron James returned to action on Wednesday.

After the Lakers’ overtime victory over the Indiana Pacers, the Los Angeles Lakers star was suspended for one game and spoke about it.

When James first learned of the suspension, he claimed he was napping.

“I was contacted by Rob [Pelinka].”

“I missed his call,” James said, referring to the call from the Lakers’ vice president of basketball operations and general manager about the news.

“I knew I was suspended as soon as I checked my phone and saw it was a missed call.’

However, whatever.”

After striking Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart in the face and causing him to bleed, James was suspended.

As a result, James was unable to play against the New York Knicks on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.

“I was devastated,” James told ESPN. “I was looking forward to playing in my favorite place in the world.”

“However, it is what it is.”

James also clarified the status of his and Stewart’s relationship.

“On the free throw line, there was a boxout.

“His elbow got kind of high, and it threw me off balance a little bit, and his elbow lifted my arm, and I basically tried to swim down on him, on his arm,” James explained.

“And he got off balance when I swung down on his arm, and the left side of my hand grazed his face.

And I was certain right away.

As a result, I knew I’d caught a piece of his head right away.

So I went over to apologize to him, and you saw what happened next.

“But it was definitely an accident,” James added, adding that he hasn’t spoken to Stewart since the incident.

James looked more than ready to return to the court after his performance on Wednesday night.

James scored a season-high 39 points in the win, including eight of the Lakers’ 12 points in overtime, to lead the team to victory and a 3-2 record on their five-game road trip.

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LeBron James Speaks out on Being Suspended for First Time in NBA Career

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