Liam Gallagher once took a combine harvester to spy on Stone Roses at a countryside recording studio


LIAM Gallagher has told how he took a combine harvester to snoop on a rival band at a countryside recording studio.

The Oasis singer took the giant machine on a mile-long spin in the dead of night to spy on fellow Mancunians The Stone Roses.

Oasis were recording debut album Definitely Maybe — with tracks including Live Forever and Shakermaker — when Liam and bandmate Bonehead heard the Roses were nearby.

Liam said: “We went to have a f***ing little snoop. It was, ‘Right, what the f*** are they up to?’ as they hadn’t been doing anything for three years.

“I’m on about a proper combine harvester — ones you’ve got to get a ladder up to and it’s miles up.

“Off we f***ing go, crawling down the road with the big f***ing lights on. It looked bonkers.

“We drove it in, turned the lights off and rolled out like something out of The Professionals.

“We could hear some f***ing bassline and drums. We got caught, we went in and had a little chat.

“We might have had a spliff and that and then we f***ing f***ed off. Next night they came over on a tractor. We were in bed.”

Liam revealed the prank on a BBC4 show about a studio in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Rockfield: The Studio On The Farm airs on July 18 at 9pm.

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