Loose Women’s Linda Robson breaks down in tears as she reveals bulldog puppy has died


LOOSE Women’s Linda Robson broke down in tears as she reveals her bulldog puppy has died.

The star, 62, opened up about her dog Ernie – who was deaf – passing away from a spine injury.

Speaking to the panel, Linda said the four-year-old pup suffered the injury and needed to be put down.

She said the grandchildren and her daughter was distraught as they all said goodbye to the pup.

Linda said: “Just over a week ago we lost our little dog Ernie. He was a French Bulldog. We had him just over four years and not long after we got him we found out he was deaf.

“He was the loveliest little dog honestly, my grandchildren are absolutely distraught as is my daughter whose dog it was really.

“He was part of the family, even though he couldn’t hear, when you came in the house, I don’t know if it was the vibration or the smell of us or whatever, he would run down the stairs to see us.

“Everyone knew him, because we’ve got a window in our lounge and it’s got a blind on it that’s always up.

“Because he sits on the window while we’re out and waits for us to come back. And now since he passed away, we’ve got the blind closed.”

Linda’s dog Ernie has made multiple appearances on the show – and once drank the tea from Linda’s cup.


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