Love Island Australia 2020 LIVE: John James is caught between Natasha and Millie tonight


Love Island Australia is hotting up after the Islanders welcomed TWO new arrivals yesterday.

John James from Big Brother 2010 fame and personal trainer Elias turned a few heads, and tonight there will be a re-coupling.

It also looks like there could be romance blossoming between Tayla and Josh.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action by following our Love Island Australia live blog below.

Douna Under

I love Love Island Aus! It’s full of absolute tuna melts. They wouldn’t know banter if it ran them over with a YOOT.

But god bless them.

That’s what happens when you come from a country so beautiful and you are blessed with equally beautiful genes.

Can’t wait to see what happens at the human pick ‘n’ mix.

See who gets burnt on the barbie. GRILL THEM ALL.

See you tomorrow, Sheilas.

Hungry eyes

Not sure this first tweet is relevant, but I think we can all agree we like love island food too.

John James same same?

The most baffling thing about this tweet is that he looks NOTHING like his former BB self.

John James’ old flames

Hi Sarah from Twitter.

Maybe it’s because you kept talking in riddles and he had no idea what you were banging on about.

Yes, Mia.

Kan you believe it?

Now, I have proof from the World Wide Web.

kangatarian (plural kangatarians). A non-vegetarian who for ethical reasons does not eat meat from animals other than kangaroos, because kangaroos…

(and then it gets too boring to carry on reading).

Scissor sisters

Millie’s trying to get John James’ attention by pretending to scissor Tayla. Cool move, M.

A classic flirting hack found in page 37 of the Love Island handbook.

Douna they or don’t they?!

For Sheila’s sake, now we have to wait until tomorrow to see if they play hide the shrimp in the Hideaway?


Erin and Eden are off to the Hideaway

Will he be hiding anything anywhere?

The cupboards, shame on your and your filthy minds.

Nat going well

Natasha ‘I defo haven’t slept with Justin Bieber I’ve only partied with him for two nights’ isn’t’ having much luck.

John James isn’t feeling it/her/Bieber’s non-ex.

Jelly Millie

The girls are totally ‘jelly’ of Millie’s billie, I mean billy. I mean belly.

Oh no, this Twitter lady was talking about chests.

Rogan Josh

Josh just wants to get into bed with Tayla.

Or Kim.

Or [inset female name here].

(She doesn’t even have to be in Love Island.)

Bra-vo, ladies

Natasha and Erin have labelled themselves the ‘Silicone sisters’

No idea why?

They wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow (not) polka dot bikini


Where are the dots?


This is not normal behaviour.

Three months with a partner in Lockdown? And their parents? And still keen?

Don’t know about you, but I’ve done a Brookside under the patio with my other half.

Space Hopp-Ers

Erin was in charge of the comp proceedings.

Shame she didn’t have much luck getting any bathers to fit.

Mr Muscle

If only they did a ‘best personality’ competition on the boys

NONE of them would win.

Hole in the wall

The contestants are about to put parts of their bodies through holes in a wall.

Ah, it brings back memories of Amsterdam.

Not so mellow yellow

Millie’s busy showing everyone the highlights of her CV.

And what she had for lunch.

W-Oz in a word?

DOONA? Is a duvet.

Bathers? Swimming stuff.

If anyone wants paid lessons in how to talk Aussie, hit me up, but.

Casa No-Mor

I’ve just learnt the devastating news that Casa Amor is no more in the Aussie-flavoured villa.

I’ve also just realised I didn’t know how to spell ‘amourrrrr’ and had to Google it.

At least we’ve all learnt something tonight.

You’re welcome.

12, 11, 10, 9… minutes to go!

What’s going to happen? Who’s going to be left single?

Will Natasha and Millie end up ripping their hair extensions out over John James?

The Adam’s Family

Remember Adam C? Here he is going for a number two.

Or he might be praying.

Or something else.

Monk-eying about

Host Sophie Monk said of the horny housemates: “If you’re entering a show where it’s the hottest people in Australia you kind of have the same interests: looking good, going to the gym, taking selfies, it kind of works even if they want more of a fling.

“Some of them definitely fall in love, you can’t fail to in that environment really, they’re pretty genuine.”

If anyone says their interests include ‘taking selfies’, RUN.

Nat going to be friends

Millie and Natasha get their claws out over none other than the former hair-highlighted John James, aka the dog man.

UK viewers may recognise the man mountain from when he appeared on Big Brother back in 2010.

And they both want a slice of peroxide.

I feel you, random lady off Twitter

A fan wrote this: “As much as I hate to say it, Love Island is what’s really getting me through life right now.”

Right now? It gets me through life in general.


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