Love Island’s India Reynolds praises The Sun for giving her the confidence to embrace her curves


WHEN India Reynolds went on Love Island she wasn’t afraid to flaunt her curves – which is something she praises Page Three for celebrating.

The Brunette beauty, 29, who coupled-up with fan-favourite Ovie Soko, started out her modelling career right here at The Sun.

She said: “Doing Page Three really helped me because at that time most models like that were in that industry were really thin and all the rest of the wasn’t really any space for growth curve at all.

“Page Three was where it was celebrated. We were never told to lose weight or anything for that whereas for other things you might have been.”

While on the show, she was branded as one of the bigger girls, which is something that has really concerned her.

India, who has designed a collection for lingerie brand Pour Moi, added: “I think it’s wrong in society that I’m considered a bigger girl because I would say I’m a pretty normal size.”

As an older sister she has seen firsthand how much pressure is put on the younger generation to be much thinner and the dangers of photoshop creating an unrealistic body type.

She said: “I have used facetune before and stuff like that but I do think it’s dangerous.

“It’s scary how common it is but it’s not just photoshopping, it’s the angle and lighting.

“I could take a photo in a nice position and it could look great and I could take the photo in the same place in bad lighting in a different position and it would look awful.“

People need to know that when you’re seeing these pictures, they’ve been filtered and everyone’s got their perfect angle and then all the rest of it.

“It’s not reality, if you walk along the beach the chances of seeing someone who actually looks that slim. “

India hopes to one day go into school and help teach young women to feel empowered.

She continued: “I’d love to help young girls all be really confident and love themselves and embrace whatever body shape they have.

“You should strive to do other things and succeed in other ways, life isn’t just about a nice body.”


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