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Love Island’s Zara McDermott forced to apologise for saying she ‘let herself go’ with bikini snap of flat stomach


ZARA McDermott was forced to apologise to her followers after claiming she “let herself go” on holiday.

Zara, 23, made the comment about her physique as she showed off her washboard tummy in a bikini whilst living it up in Marbella.

The Love Island star has since changed the caption of the video to: “Me this morning 💪🏼 I’ve indulged in loads of amazing food this holiday and I’m excited to get home and get cooking again.”

However, her 106,000 followers were still keen to let her know why her original caption was so wrong.

One person wrote: “I feel like you don’t have a negative intention in writing this, however please be careful with your wording.

“‘Letting yourself go, whilst on holiday’, sounds like you’re suggesting that relaxing and enjoying yourself on holiday is something negative and needs to be fixed.

“You’re very slim and very young, a week or even 5 weeks with a relaxed approach on holiday is not something that needs to be dramatically compensated for afterwards.”

Zara later responded: “My head is honestly completely healthy. I’m fortunate not to suffer from any kind of mental health or eating disorder and I’m completely healthy.

“I eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise 3 times a week, that’s all I have ever promoted. But I have over 100k followers on here who want me to share my journey and what I’m up to in terms of my diet and fitness, and because I’m not a personal trainer I don’t feel overly competent to share my fitness regime.

“I share a lot about my diet and what I am eating but it was a huge lifestyle change for me and I’ve had to learn a lot about food in order to have a healthy balanced diet and understand what is good for me!”

Zara continued: “I don’t want to mislead people and for people to think, ah she must eat healthy 24/7, because I just don’t.

“I wanted to share with people that I have indulged this holiday but because of all the healthy foods I ate, the consistency and dedication I have shown and the exercise I did prior to my trip, it means I still feel great.”

In response to another comment, she said: “I just wanted to make people realise it’s okay to be bloated. Wasn’t my intention to upset anyone. I apologise.”

Zara has been soaking up the sun in Marbella with her Made In Chelsea pals and her boyfriend Sam Thompson.

The former Love Island star hopped on a plane earlier this week and flew nearly 2,000 miles to could escape the miserable British weather.


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