Lucius Malfoy’s Original Look ‘Slightly Horrified’ Jason Isaacs, Who Changed It Immediately in ‘Harry Potter’


Lucius Malfoy’s Original Look ‘Slightly Horrified’ Jason Isaacs, Who Changed It Right Away in ‘Harry Potter’

When Chris Columbus, the creator of Harry Potter, needed a new villain, veteran actor Jason Isaacs seemed like a natural fit for Lucius Malfoy.

But more than just harvesting Isaac’s intense on-screen bitterness was required to bring Malfoy to life.

Isaacs added a wealth of details to the role with the help of both Daniel Radcliffe and iconic actor Alan Rickman, winning over the production crew in the end.

It all began with a strange accent that made Columbus scratch his head.

When Isaacs was cast in the role of Malfoy, he ran into a major snag.

He wasn’t even close to being evil enough for Isaacs.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Isaacs was initially turned off by Malfoy’s costume ideas.

A pinstripe suit and dark hair befitting a Muggle were among them.

Malfoy, according to Isaacs, was an overprivileged racist who needed to appear as such.

Malfoy became a sharp contrast to the dark visual landscape of Hogwarts from the moment he stepped on screen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, ditching his brown hair for a long blond wig at Isaacs’ suggestion.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t in the script, Isaacs added Malfoy’s cane.

It was the final piece in the villainous puzzle, and it also won Columbus over.

The cane served as a wand-carrying device as well as a nice accessory for a villain.

Isaacs’ ability to nail the details was also crucial throughout the series.

As Lord Voldemort’s most powerful ally, Malfoy would be one of Potter’s most formidable foes.

But he couldn’t just be a one-dimensional villain.

Isaacs’ versatility added depth to Malfoy late in the series, when Voldemort put his commitment to the dark cause to the test.

Jason Isaacs and David Morrissey, friends of Alan Rickman, are leading tributes https:t.coAkNGFJalR6pic.twitter.comGCvNYzQAt6

Being in the same franchise as Alan Rickman was part of Isaacs’ motivation in the villain department.

The British actor is best known for his roles as villains in films such as Die Hard’s Hans Gruber and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ Sheriff of Nottingham.

After seeing Rickman’s performance as Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Isaacs realized he needed to do a lot more with the Malfoy role.

Rickman was no stranger to making changes in the middle of a production.

After hating the Sheriff of Nottingham for a long time…

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