Madonna has been labeled ‘desperate’ after posting provocative photos of herself in bed wearing fishnets and high heels on Instagram.


Madonna was dubbed “desperate” after posting provocative photos of herself in bed wearing fishnets and high heels on Instagram.

MADONNA tries to express herself through a series of provocative images, but ends up as the punchline to everyone’s jokes.

The 63-year-old singer appears to be looking under her bed in one shot.

Another photo shows her sprawled on her bed in fishnets and high heels.

Others show the Papa Don’t Preach singer biting the bed frame while lying under a duvet with her breasts exposed.

Fans and celebrities, on the other hand, were quickly Hung Up on the Instagram posts.

“Madonna and I are exactly the same age,” said TV host Anneka Rice.

I’m guessing she’s looking for a charger for her phone.

I wouldn’t be able to get up again if I tried that.”

Piers Morgan, 56, who has been a vocal critic of the singer and actress, simply tweeted, “Rock Bottom.”

Lorraine Kelly, a TV host, called the images sleazy on her morning show yesterday.

Kate Beckinsale, 48, shared a series of screenshot messages between her and her daughter Lily after faking the photos.

“Do you think this is too much? Thing is, my ass looks good,” the Hollywood actress asked Lily, 22.

“I wouldn’t be embarrassed if you put that on the internet,” Lily responded.

“I’d be worried.”

Despite the widespread mockery, Madonna’s post quickly accumulated over a million likes.

Madonna is taking a break from music to work on her biopic, which she calls a “visual autobiography.”

“The reason I’m doing it is because a lot of people have tried to write movies about me, but they’ve all been written by men,” she said of the project.

“Universal sent me the script because they wanted my approval, and I read it and thought it was the most hideous, superficial nonsense I’d ever read.

“This has happened a few times.”

I had to call studio heads and my agents and threaten them with legal action if they went ahead with it.

“Finally, I threw the gauntlet down.”

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Fans and celebrities quickly became Hung Up on the Instagram postsIn one shot, the 63-year-old singer looks like she is searching for something under her bedMadonna is on a break from music to work on her biopicMadonna’s post quickly racked up more than a million likesOther pics show her sprawled on her mattress wearing fishnets and high heelsTV presenter Lorraine Kelly spoke about the images on her morning show yesterday and called them sleazy

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