Mariah Carey Gives a Surprising Endorsement to WWE’s Roman Reigns


Mariah Carey Surprisingly Endorses WWE’s Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns mentioned his love of Christmas music on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week.

“The Tribal Chief” also told a funny story about playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” in his car while dropping his daughter off at school to embarrass her.

On Friday, USA TODAY writer Doug Rush tweeted the clip, along with his desire to see Reigns and The Usos perform Carey’s hit song on an upcoming episode of SmackDown, eliciting a response from Carey herself.

She wrote back, “Would love to see it!”

“A duet album between Carey and Reigns was something the WWE Universe didn’t know it needed until right now,” WWEcom wrote in response to the interaction.

I’d like to see it! https://t.cop1J6VXnmhxpic.twitter.comI9BbNtl5jB

Reigns was also asked about a possible WrestleMania match with The Rock during the same interview.

He played down rumors that Rock would make an appearance at Survivor Series tonight (it’s the 25th anniversary of his WWE debut), before bringing up the possibility of a match.

“Yes, I would.

I’m not sure if he wants it, but I suppose it’s possible.

As far as sports entertainment, WWE, and professional wrestling, it’s something we do in our family,” Reigns explained.

“This is our platform, our family business,” says the entrepreneur.

About a year ago, I had a fight with one of my cousins in the Usos, Jey Uso, and where better to solve problems than the squared circle?”

In a Champion vs. Champion match, Reigns will square off against WWE Champion Big E.

The main event of Survivor Series features a champion match.

Take a look at the full lineup for the show below:

Mariah Carey Gives a Surprise Endorsement to WWE’s Roman Reigns

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