Mark Cuban Discusses the Future of Cryptocurrency (Exclusive)


Mark Cuban Discusses the Future of Cryptocurrency (Exclusive)

Mark Cuban is a big supporter of bitcoin.

One of the things the owner of the Dallas Mavericks is doing is inviting two students to a Mavericks game and surprising them with a “Bitcoin Toss” in which they can win (dollar)23,000 in Bitcoin.

But, in the near future, will cryptocurrency be the main source of currency? Cuban told where he sees cryptocurrency going in the next ten years via email.

“I see smart contracts running on Blockchain-based networks having as much impact on business as the internet,” Cuban told PopCulture.

Cuban also explained why cryptocurrency has gained such a large following.

Cuban clarified, “Anyone can participate.”

“When Dogecoin was less than a penny, my son and I traded it.

Stocks don’t allow you to do that.

“Plus, compared to stocks, crypto has a much larger community.”

When communities form around stocks, as we’ve seen with Gamestop and AMC, they’re frequently mocked.

Meme crypto is a low-cost and enjoyable way to learn about cryptocurrency.

In October, Cuban and Steve Ehrlich, the CEO of crypto platform voyager, shared their tips on how to get started with cryptocurrency.

“You don’t need to spend a lot of money to learn,” Cuban said, according to

It’s not like the stock market, where spending (dollar)10 to get started is nearly impossible, except on a few platforms.

“You’re spending your money, so always be careful,” Cuban cautioned.

But there’s also the matter of investments.

Shiba Inu [SHIB] and Dogecoin [DOGE], for example, aren’t investments.”

On Saturday, two students — Jill B and Kaitlyn O — will participate in the Bitcoin Toss, which will be sponsored by Dr.

Chili peppers.

“Dr. Pepper launched the first-annual Bitcoin Toss this year as a way to build on their established Tuition Giveaway Program, and it felt like a natural fit for me as a cryptocurrency advocate,” Cuban said when asked about the event by PopCulture. Cuban also shared the advice he would give students like Jill and Kaitlyn once they graduate from college and enter the real world.

Cuban said, “Be a lifelong learner.”

“As you gain new skills, discover what you enjoy doing and excel at it.

That is the foundation for successful businesses.”

Mark Cuban Opens up About the Future of Cryptocurrency (Exclusive)

Mark Cuban Opens up About the Future of Cryptocurrency (Exclusive)

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