Marvel Studios Has Officially Released Harry Styles’ Eros Character Poster


Marvel Studios has released an official poster for Harry Styles’ Eros character.

The Eternals poster for Harry Styles’ character Eros has been released by Marvel.

The inclusion of Starfox in the first post-credits scene for the film was a huge surprise to audiences.

Many fans were concerned about what introducing him at this point would mean for the Eternals and other stories in the future.

From the moment he enters the frame, Styles exudes a natural charisma for the character.

Eros is an intriguing character for Marvel to introduce, and it appears that he will play a role in the MCU’s cosmic side in the future.

Because so many of the projects announced are space-related, the pop star could appear in any of them between now and 2024.

For the time being, fans will have to be content with the fact that Pip and Eros will be assisting the Eternals in rescuing their friends.

Nate Moore, the producer of Eternals, spoke with’s Phase Zero podcast about bringing Starfox to life in the movie.

In the minds of the creative team, the superstar was the only person who could play this role.

Meet Starfox, the Royal Prince of Titan, Thanos’ brother, the Knave of Hearts, Black Roger’s defeater, and the great adventurer.

See @Harry_Styles in Marvel Studios’ (hashtag)Eternals in theaters now! https:t.coRilTsyHqQJpic.twitter.comLiXnXKjGeS

“It’s fascinating.

“I like Starfox, Eros, a lot, but he’s a real pain in the neck in terms of publishing, for reasons that even publishing sort of explores in the She-Hulk stuff, which I think is interesting,” Moore began.

“However, leaning into Eros, the idea of a guy whose power is seduction and emotion control, that’s a pretty specific request for a piece of talent.”

We also discussed gender swapping, because Eros doesn’t have to be a guy (though he is), but he could be anything.

It’s true, who is seductive simply by being in their company.

And that’s a pretty short list, especially considering Chloé is a huge Harry Styles fan.

And at first, we were like, ‘Really?’ But I promise you, if you ever have the opportunity to meet Harry Stiles, it’s true.”

“‘You’re like, ‘I really like this guy.’

This is a guy I adore.

What is it? I’m not sure.

He’s hilarious, and I adore him.’

He has a lovely personality.

He treats everyone with respect.

Moore says, “He’s a little Eros.”

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Marvel Studios Officially Releases Harry Styles’ Eros Character Poster

Marvel Studios Officially Releases Harry Styles’ Eros Character Poster

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