Mary Berry has STILL not had a takeaway at 84  


Mary Berry has claimed she has never had a takeaway and criticised Britain for being a nation that ‘orders in and eats out’.

The former Great British Bake Off judge has said that unlike most of her fellow Brits she doesn’t see the need to get fast food.

The 84-year-old food writer and TV presenter from Bath is on a quest to get more people making their own meals.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the new series of BBC 1’s Best Home Cook, Mary said: ‘We want to get people cooking at home, because we are a nation that orders in and eats out.

‘I have never had a takeaway. Why should I? I can muster up things very quickly,’ she explained.

‘There are many things that you can buy to help you if you are busy and which don’t cost that much extra, like grated cheese.

‘If you are in a hurry you can pay a little bit more for it and get food on the table quicker.’

In an interview with My Weekly magazine, alongside her Best Home Cook co-host Claudia Winkleman, Mary admitted that despite not ordering takeaways, she did use the odd shortcut when cooking and often uses dried, rather than fresh pasta.

Claudia and Mary have presented the cookery programme, described as a cross between MasterChef and Bake Off, since 2018.

Strictly Come Dancing host, Claudia, 48, added: ‘I love straightforward things – lots of chicken and stuff I can throw in a pan.

‘And I do a mean chilli con carne. When I fell in love with my husband a million years ago, I knew he loved it, so I learned how to make it for him.’

Despite currently being two of the BBC’s best paid stars, both women still believe they have been incredibly lucky to get where they are.

Claudia said: ‘I don’t take anything for granted. I’ve already had a long run, let’s be honest. I assume they’ll fire me any minute.’

Mary agreed and said: ‘It’s lovely when people call me a national treasure, and it makes me feel as if I’m doing the job properly… I hope I am.

‘But really, the biggest compliment is when I’m in the supermarket and someone says “I make your lemon drizzle cake and I love it”.’ 


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