McDonald’s Employees’ Viral TikTok Could Permanently Ruin Your McRib Experience


The Viral TikTok of a McDonald’s employee could permanently ruin your McRib experience.

The McRib is a McDonald’s product that, for some reason, remains divisive even after it is discontinued and reintroduced the following year.

People will either love it or do everything they can to keep others away.

There’s no denying that it’s popular.

But do you know how the McRib is made? A recent TikTok post from Isaiah, who claims to work at McDonald’s, claims to delve into the sandwich’s origins and show customers how the meat patty is prepared for their order.


While the video does not show what happens to the McRib before it is frozen and delivered to the restaurant, the process must make some customers second-guess their choices.

The patty is frozen before being placed on the grill in a press with a McRib setting.

If you believe in the McRib fantasy, you might think that this press is also turning the rib’s bones into something edible for a sandwich, but that’s a stretch.

The rest of the video is nice and to the point, but as BroBible points out, the comments are where the real gold is.

“Does anyone else think this makes the already unappealing McRib seem even more unappealing?” one commenter wondered.

“That appears to be nauseating.”

“I’ll take two,” someone else added.

“I’m disappointed as a chef.”

“Haha,” a third commenter added, “at the fact that I adore these so much.”

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Finding out what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite fast food joint has one drawback: it takes the romance out of the process.

With this video and others like it, you’re not watching a chef whip up a meat concoction in a McDonald’s test kitchen.

You can see how they boiled these items down to a cookie-cutter process in order to make preparation simple for any employee.

Isaiah takes us behind the scenes of another McDonald’s kitchen experience, demonstrating how apple pie is made, how the Big Mac became an icon, and how each franchise’s broken ice cream machine works.

The trick with the last one is that it was designed to fail.

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McDonald’s Employee’s Viral TikTok Might Just Ruin Your McRib Experience Forever

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