Megan Stalter of Hacks reveals what’s in her bag.


Megan Stalter of Hacks reveals what’s in her bag.

Megan Stalter was interviewed because we think you’ll enjoy her recommendations.

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Forget about the cuffing season.

“Spooning Season is in!” Megan Stalter declares.

The hilarious Hack star recently teamed up with Harmless Harvest to kick off Spooning Season with a series of fun videos dedicated to the “art of spooning,” which is yogurt spooning.

Megan explained to E! News, “Harmless is best known for their coconut water, but they also have a delicious dairy-free coconut yogurt, hence the’spooning’ connection.”

“We collaborated on the video scripts because the Harmless team wanted me to have a say and give it my own ‘voice.’ I’ve always enjoyed making videos, so it was a natural fit!”

Megan also shared some of her current beauty and fashion favorites, in addition to her new campaign with Harmless Harvest.

Megan is currently obsessed with Fashion Brand Company and Big Bud Press.

She explained, “They are both size inclusive and known for being bright and fun.”

“It seems like they’re always releasing something new and exciting.”

When I wear their products, I always feel amazing!”

Megan says she’s “addicted” to Haus Laboratories’ black liquid eyeliner when it comes to must-have beauty products.

She also mentioned Vaseline as a product she’s used for a long time but doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves.

Megan offered this piece of advice if you want to feel like your best self.

She advised, “Get ready for yourself, not for someone else.”

“Whenever I choose an outfit or apply makeup, I think about how I want to look rather than what’s appropriate for the occasion or the person I’m meeting.

“Life is too short not to dress the way you want.”

See what Megan has in her bag in the video below.

“I love this plant-based coconut yogurt because it’s great for my morning routine, a mid-afternoon snack, or even a light dessert.”

You’ll see why it’s so popular once you give it a try.”

“I can’t imagine life without it!”

“Of course, you’ll need the essentials.

This wallet is fantastic, and it comes with a…

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