Meghan Markle and Harry book has 6 revelations to rock monarchy – with more to come


Explosive bew book Finding Freedom lifts the lid on the drama that tore Princes William and Harry apart.

In the book, which is being serialised by the Times and the Sunday Times, the authors claim the Duke of Sussex was angered by what he perceived as his brother’s “snobbish” attitude to his bride.

Other claims include that yhe two couples hardly spoke at the Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey in March, despite not having seen each other since January.

While the Sussexes felt their complaints were not taken seriously and believed other royal households were leaking stories about them to the press.

Here we reveal the six most bombshell claims that will rock the Royal Family to its core.

Prrince Harry was fed up of playing second fiddle to William and Kate – and felt the pair were given better roles than him and Meghan, the book claims.

But a source close to the royals said Prince Charles included both Wills and Harry in his plans for a “slimmed-down monarchy”.

They said: “His vision included both his sons. William will always be more important than Harry but that’s a fact only because of birthright.”

The book also says William was not impressed when he first heard Harry was stepping down but left it to aides to sort the details. William reportedly told a friend: “I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that anymore. We’re separate entities.”

Joining the royals was tough for Meghan as a mixed-race American, it is alleged.

Author Omid Scobie hints at racist attitudes within the household, saying of Meghan arriving on the scene: “That was going to ruffle feathers.”

The book does not accuse the royals of racism, but Mr Scobie told The Times: “There are individuals who may like to take a look at how they view the world.”

Harry and Meghan have been outspoken on the subject of racial injustice, addressing the topic a number of times since George Floyd died during a police arrest in the US in May.

This month they called on the UK to confront its colonial past during a video conference with young black leaders from across the British Commonwealth.

Harry told them: “There is no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past.”

The Duchesses’ relation-ship never moved past “distant politeness” – and had turned distinctly frosty by this year, the book claims.

The strain between Kate and Meghan was evident at the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day last year.

“While the doting mothers were photographed next to each other with their children, the two appeared to barely exchange a word,” write the authors.

Tensions peaked at their final joint engagement, the Commonwealth service at Westminster, in March. It’s claimed: “although Meghan tried to make eye contact with Kate, the duchess barely acknowledged her”.

Harry had long struggled with royal life but wanted to find a “happy place” within the monarchy, the book claims.

“It wasn’t just the press or online trolls getting to Harry,” it says. “It was also the institution of the monarchy.

“Barely a week went by without internal affairs or matters of private discussions being twisted and leaked.”

They wanted to continue due to Harry’s “love and respect for his grandmother,” it adds, but also because Meghan felt she had given up so much “to take her life down a path of service to the monarchy.”

But the couple allegedly felt “blocked” after requesting a meeting with the Queen during a UK visit on January 6
– and it being pushed back to the 29th.

The authors add: “Harry felt he and Meghan had long been sidelined by the institution and were not a fundamental part of its future.”

Senior royal staff feared that Harry and Meghan’s fame would “eclipse that of the Royal Family”, the book claims. Courtiers – described by Princess Diana, below, as “men in grey suits” – reportedly felt the Sussexes must be “reigned in”.

The authors write: “As their popularity had grown, so did Harry and Meghan’s difficulty in understanding why so few inside the palace were looking out for their interests. They were a major draw for the Royal Family.” A friend of the pair referred to the old guard as “vipers”.

After Harry and Megan decided to leave the UK, negotiations over logistics and their finances created a “headache for everyone”, one aide reportedly complained.

The authors write: “Courtiers viewed Harry’s position as completely unrealistic.”

The couple’s announcement detailing their departure and launch of their Sussex Royal website left the Queen “devastated”, Finding Freedom says.

An insider said: “The element of surprise, the blindsiding of the Queen, for the other principals who are all mindful of this, rightfully, it was deeply upsetting.”

It had been agreed the couple and Her Majesty would release a joint statement announcing the decision, but Harry and Meghan broke ranks on January 8 after their plans were leaked to the media.

A source told the authors: “The private offices don’t like that type of behaviour. It is deeply unhealthy and unwelcome.”

The Queen and Harry settled their differences over a roast at Windsor Castle on March 1.

The authors write: “The Queen made it clear to Harry she would always support him.”

They claim that he can return to the fold if he changes his mind.


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