Meghan Markle Reminisces About Sneaking Prince Harry Out to a Party Before Their Relationship Was Made Public


Meghan Markle Recalls Sneaking Prince Harry Out to a Party Before Their Relationship Was Made Public

Meghan Markle has opened up about her “final, fun night out” with now-husband Prince Harry before they made their relationship public in 2016.

The Duchess of Sussex sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday for an interview, revealing that she and Harry had only been dating for a few days before Harry announced their relationship on Nov.

She and the royal went out in disguise on August 8 of that year.

The Duke of Sussex traveled to Toronto for Halloween with his cousin Princess Eugenie and her now-husband Jack Brooksbank, taking advantage of the costumed holiday to enjoy an anonymous night out at a post-apocalyptic theme party.

“The four of us snuck out in Halloween costumes to have one last fun night on the town before it became public knowledge that we were dating,” she explained.

Meghan and her now-husband were able to “just sort of have one final, fun night out” in “very bizarre” costumes that made them unrecognizable, she said.

“Now there are people at home who are saying, ‘I was at that party,'” DeGeneres joked in response.

For the couple, who married in 2018 and have since welcomed a 2-year-old son Archie and a 5-month-old daughter Lili into their family, Halloween has taken on a new meaning.

Meghan told DeGeneres about how she dressed up her two children for Halloween this year, revealing that Archie wore a dinosaur costume for “about five minutes.” DeGeneres, who lives in the couple’s Montecito neighborhood, chimed in, “Not even five minutes.”

Finally, Harry persuaded him to attach the head.”

“We wanted to do something fun for the kids, and then the kids were just not into it at all,” the mother-of-two joked, adding that Lili was dressed as a skunk “like Flower from Bambi.” Harry and Meghan moved to California last year after taking a break from their royal duties, and the Duchess shared that they are now “just happy.”

Meghan’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres is the first major television interview she’s given since her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, during which she claimed racism played a role in her decision to leave the royal family.

Meghan Markle Recalls the Time She Snuck out to a Party With Prince Harry Before Their Relationship Went Public

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