Miles Teller’s Wife: The Actor Says Marriage Has Made Life “a Lot Less Stressful”


Miles Teller’s Wife: The Actor Says Marriage Makes Life “a Lot Less Stressful”

Miles Teller hasn’t been in the spotlight much lately, but he’s resurfaced as the star of a new Taylor Swift music video.

In the video, the bride to his groom is also his wife in real life.

When asked about his wife, Miles Teller, he and model Keleigh Sperry married a few years ago, and they couldn’t be more effusive about how much they love each other.

Miles Teller’s career has seen him achieve both award-winning highs and strangely abrupt lows.

His debut in the 2014 film Whiplash seemed to herald the arrival of a new Hollywood star.

However, the next few years of his career are littered with big swings that didn’t pan out as he had hoped.

His first foray into the superhero genre was the 2015 reboot of The Fantastic Four, which was a critical and commercial flop.

The rest of his films have either already been forgotten or were never noticed in the first place.

Between 2017 and 2021, Teller only appeared in one project: the Amazon Prime series Too Old to Die Young, directed by niche auteur Nicolas Winding Refn.

(Teller has a key role in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, which would have been released by now if not for the pandemic.)

Teller’s biggest break as an actor had come when he was accused of delaying the production of The Offer, a miniseries about the making of The Godfather, by going unvaccinated and then contracting COVID-19.

In happier news, he made a comeback in Taylor Swift’s video for the song “I Bet You Think About Me,” playing a conflicted groom. Given his recent personal changes, this is the ideal role for him.

In 2013, at a Grammys afterparty, Teller met model Keleigh Sperry for the first time.

Teller told a friend after their first date, “I think I’m going to be with this girl for a long time,” according to a People article recapping their relationship.

During a safari trip to South Africa in August 2017, the two got engaged.

Teller led Sperry to a tree with a rose and a…

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