Money Heist fans convinced season 5 will be the last after spotting pivotal robbery clue


MONEY Heist fans believe season five will be the last after spotting an important robbery clue.

The cast revealed they would soon be returning to filming in a video released by Netflix Spain on Twitter last week.

Now fans have spotted a clue that may hint the cast will go back to set for the final time.

Viewers have been waiting to find out when the gang’s shenanigans will come to an end and if any of them will come out of the Bank of Spain alive.

The first heist at the Royal Mint only covered two seasons while this current robbery of the bank is poised to run over three series.

However, one fan acknowledged if season three has eight episodes, both heists will last a similar amount of time.

A Reddit user explained: “In the second heist, they are robbing the Bank of Spain, this heist spans over parts 3 and 4 and is still continuing.

“Parts 3 and 4 combined are a total of 16 episodes. Sticking to the trend of 8 episodes each part since part 3, we can assume part 5 will also have 8 episodes.”

They added that this should explain why the heist should end in part five before explaining why there shouldn’t be another.

The fan continued: “The first reason is that the money heist creators originally planned to end the show with part 2 (the first heist), and only did the second heist because Netflix specifically asked them to.

“The second reason is that the robbers are already rich, and it will be hard for the creators to find another reason for them to do a heist.

“The last reason is that many of the show’s core characters have already died, it will be hard for the creators to come up with newer and relevant characters.”

The show’s cast revealed recently they were left “vomiting and wanting to die” filming the “torturous” Netflix escape scene.

Filming these incredible scenes are no easy task and Stockholm actress Esther Acebo admitted the one moment during filming when all the cast wanted throw in the towel.

The Netflix special, Money Heist: The Phenomenon, revealed the cast had to film in sweltering heat which was almost too much to handle.

Esther, 37, said “We all just wanted to die”, while Rio star Miguel Herran, 24, continued: “It was hot as hell.”

Tokyo star Úrsula Corberó, 30, has once said some of the cast “were vomiting” as she felt incredibly unwell whilst filming.


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