More Spanish beaches close due to overcrowding – as Costa Del Sol tourists face three-mile traffic jams


TOURISTS returning from the beach in Costa del Sol faced traffic jams as long as three miles as Spain eased lockdown measures.

A number of beaches have also been forced to close across the country for the second week running.

Spain has begun lowering restrictions even further, after lifting the state of emergency on June 21 after 98 days.

Tourists and locals flocked to the beaches last weekend as the first break since the announcement.

According to local media, the traffic jam occurred at around 8pm in the direction of Malaga from Rincón de la Victoria as tourists left the beach for the day.

Three beaches on the Costa de la Luz also reached their maximum capacity by 2pm yesterday.

Bolonia beach and the coves of Les Rotes south of Denia on the Costa Blanca also had to put up ‘full’ signs.

Police blocked off the only access road to the beach as day trippers from areas like Marbella continued to arrive despite the local town hall announcing on a mobile phone app it was at maximum capacity.

On Saturday they reportedly reached maximum capacity around 1pm on Saturday, the fourth time so far this summer sun seekers had been turned away. 

The smallest coves on the popular stretch of coastline can only be used by six to ten people and the largest beach of El Trampoli by 84 people to ensure social distancing rules are respected. 

In contrast Benidorm is introducing a pre-booking system for tourists who want to use the beach, which was meant to begin earlier this month.

However, the slow trickle of foreign tourists resulting from the shortage of holiday planes and ongoing Covid-19 concerns people can still visit the beaches without having to book their spot on the sand.

A well-placed town hall source said: “There’s a lot more people around but until mid-July things will still be on half gas.

“No more than 25 per cent of Benidorm’s hotels will be open until the first days of July.”

Another added: “The pre-booking system will begin to operate when it is needed.

“It was designed to manage 28,000 people and while we’re still under 20,000 users it’s not needed.”

Police were called to patrol Spanish beaches after tourists fought over socially-distanced patches in the sand.

Several people risked fines by ignoring orders from beach monitors to wait for permission to enter the beaches due to capacity levels, forcing police to respond by sending more officers to the area.

Brits holidaying in Benidorm this year will also be made to wear face masks when they stroll along the shoreline, or face fines of €100 (£90).


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