Morgan Simianer, the breakout star of ‘Cheer,’ Discusses Life After Navarro (Exclusive)


Morgan Simianer, the breakout star of ‘Cheer,’ Discusses Life After Navarro (Exclusive)

Season 2 of Cheer, Netflix’s enthralling docuseries about competitive cheerleading, is now available, with the cameras following members of Navarro College’s elite squad.

Morgan Simianer, the season 1 breakout star, is one of them, returning for her second and final year as a competitor in the hopes of winning another championship title.

The coronavirus pandemic forces the NCA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championships to cancel the 2020 competition in Daytona Beach, Florida, as Season 2 shows.

And just weeks before their competition, what should have been a triumphant end to her collegiate cheerleading career is ripped away from her.

“It was extremely difficult for the team because, you know, we worked our entire semester leading up to Daytona,” Simianer tells ET.

We were still a few weeks away from Daytona.

As a result, it was extremely difficult for the team to process the entire situation and, you know, just be told it was over.

We didn’t really know what was going on because we didn’t have much of an explanation.

Because the rest of the world had no idea what was going on, everyone was in a state of flux.”

As a result, Simianer’s time on camera is cut short as the docuseries picks up where it left off after lockdown and prepares for the 2021 championships.

“I struggled a lot because it was my last time with Navarro.”

So, you know, dealing with the fact that ‘I’m not going to cheer again,’ and ‘I never really got to compete,’ was very difficult,” Simianer says, adding that she is able to appreciate the positive aspects of the experience.

“At least I have all the memories, amazing opportunities, friendships, and bonds,” I said.

That’s what kept me going.”

When it comes to not returning to compete at Navarro College for another year, Simianer says she went over her three-year eligibility limit, even though one of them was cut short by COVID. “I was, you know, a part of the team from the 2018 season to the.

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‘Cheer’ Breakout Morgan Simianer Talks About Life After Navarro (Exclusive)

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