Mrs. Hinch’s journey from struggling hairdresser to UK’s wealthiest cleanfluencer, living in a millionaire’s mansion


Mrs. Hinch’s journey from struggling hairdresser to UK’s wealthiest cleanfluencer living in a millionaire’s mansion

Last week, MRS Hinch announced that she would be moving into her dream home, a five-bedroom mansion in the Essex countryside.

Mrs Hinch was not always the cleanfluencer.

While working as a hairdresser, Sophie Hinchliffe battled crippling anxiety, self-doubt, and her weight as a child.

Sophie found solace in cleaning when she was desperate to relieve her anxiety.

She eventually created the @MrsHinchHome Instagram account, where she shared interior inspiration and cleaning tips, as well as photos of her famously grey aesthetic.

It took off like a rocket, and she now has 4.2 million followers (her Hinchers) and brands lining up to collaborate with her.

But how did Sophie go from being a struggling hairdresser to dominating the cleaning world? Here’s how she did it…

Sophie worked a variety of jobs in a variety of industries long before she took over our grid and Minkys were even a thought.

Waitressing, working as a nursery assistant, and working in sales, as well as qualifying as a hairdresser, were among them, according to Influencer Matchmaker.

Sophie, however, was battling her own mental health demons every day, despite her apparent success.

Sophie suffered from “anxiety and panic attacks” in her “early to mid-twenties” and discovered that cleaning was her go-to coping mechanism. “I would then get up and grab a cloth or a mop or a hoover and just start going,” she says.

Sophie would work through a to-do list of chores, finding that “getting through them was so rewarding” after experiencing the calming effects of cleaning firsthand.

Sophie is known for her tumbling blonde locks and slim figure, but she has previously revealed that she wasn’t always this way.

Mrs Hinch revealed in 2020 that she had a £6,000 gastric band fitted after feeling insecure about her weight, which left her in excruciating pain and necessitating emergency surgery.

Sophie revealed how she gained weight in her late teens in The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine.

She said she’d regularly get in the car after leaving home and passing her driver’s test to get takeaways from McDonald’s Drive-Thrus.

“Before I knew it, I was eating for the sake of eating,” she explained.

I used to order pizzas and have them delivered to my house.

Even now, I enjoy food.”

Mrs Hinch admitted that shopping had become a struggle for her, and she tried to “fit in” by wearing baggy clothes as much as possible.

“It hit me… the stares, the way people look at you,” she said after she couldn’t fit in a ride at a fairground.

She was desperate to improve her appearance, so she…

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