Myleene Klass defends posting breastfeeding photos as she slams ‘baby’ trolls for ’embarrassing and judging’ new mums


MYLEENE Klass has taken to social media to slam “baby” trolls for judging those who post breastfeeding photos.

Myleene, 42, shared a series of snaps of herself in Instagram earlier today feeding her son Apollo.

Alongside the adorable pictures of her and baby boy sharing the tender moments, Myleene wrote: “Uh oh. Some of us mums are being chastised for ‘pumping’.

“No one bats an eyelid prepping their own breakfast, why choose to get flustered over my baby having his? Boobs were designed to feed.

“How funny that some fat, cells and glands could so deeply offend so many.
Being a mum is hard enough. You can’t do right for doing wrong.

“Seemingly, everyone knows how to raise YOUR baby except you.”

She continued: “If you feed with formula, you’re supposedly the devil, if you breastfeed, you’re offending those that don’t or can’t and worse yet, the patriarchy won’t be able to control themselves…stop titillating the men folk! My body, my baby, my choice.

“I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding Apollo for 11 months. He’s my miracle baby. It’s a part of our bond. I love, LOVE doing it for him.

“The photos of other women breastfeeding, pumping, normalise things for me and if mine, in turn, do the same for other mothers who feel embarrassed, judged or that they should need to stifle their baby under a Muslin lest they offend some wallflower with their life giving, breastfeeding skills, I‘ll continue posting.”

She added: “The cracked nipples, feeding through mastitis, engorgement, bleeding, blocked milk ducts, the fear someone’s left the freezer drawer open and ruined your milk stash..

“The night pumping, the leaking, the boulder sized bras cutting up your shoulders, the extra weight your body clings onto, trying not to spill a drop as you decant at work, timing your feeds so you don’t explode, watching what you eat and drink, these mums deserve support and respect, not critique. What a bunch of babies.”

The former pop star was met with a positive response, with some of her celeb pals even commenting on the post.

Erin O’Connor simply wrote: “AMEN,” while Helen Flanagan commented: “Ah how beautiful 💗.”

Myleene then decided to take to her Instagram Story and share even more pics of her feeding her youngest child.

She also gave a shout out to Apollo’s dad, Simon Motson, for helping her during breastfeeding.

“Talking of support…thank you for taking charge of the milk supply in the freezer, for the food you make me as soon as i walk in the door from work.

“Thank you for charging up the pump when I forget, for remembering to pick up milk freezer bags, bringing me tea and chocolate buttons when I’m feeding the baby, and, and, and…”

Her tribute to Simon comes after she revealed he sent her a X-rated text message upon seeing her new blonde hairdo.

Myleene teased: “Safe to say, the boyf like it.”

Underneath fans could read Simon’s comment albeit with certain parts redacted. He wrote: “Need… complete… I love you! X”


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