Nancy Pelosi wears yellow moto jacket in honor of the Golden State Warriors


At 79, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has become somewhat of an unlikely fashion influencer.

Months after making headlines in everything from the New York Times to Vogue for her statement-making red-orange Max Mara coat, the California representative is at it again with yet another piece of outerwear.

On Thursday, Pelosi gave a press conference for Capitol Hill reporters in a mustard-colored leather motorcycle jacket, which she said she picked out in honor of her NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors will play against the Toronto Raptors in Game 5 of the NBA Finals tonight, and Pelosi had on her color-appropriate jacket for the occasion. 

‘See my yellow jacket? Golden State Warriors,’ she told reporters.

The Speaker’s very stylish jacket featured zipper details and a sunny hue, and she had rolled up the sleeves at her wrists. She added a slight touch of matching eyeshadow, bright blue slacks, blue shoes, and pearl earrings.

She also told reporters that she’d made a friendly wager on the outcome of the championship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is naturally a Raptors fan.

‘Now, I didn’t want to bring it up in Normandy, that wouldn’t have been appropriate. It wasn’t the time or the place. But the next day we made our bet,’ she said.

If the Warriors win, Trudeau will deliver a selection of Canadian delicacies to Pelosi — whereas if the Raptors win, Pelosi will be sending over some of her favorite items from California, including San Francisco’s Ghirardelli chocolate, California wine, and a selection of California almonds and walnuts. 

But while her jacket may have been her way of rooting for her team, it no less made a style statement on Thursday morning.

This is the second time Pelosi’s outerwear choice has sparked a reaction online: On December 11, she grabbed attention for the red-orange Max Mara coat she wore for a meeting at the White House.

Pelosi was seen leaving with her colleague Chuck Schumer after the pair tried to work with Trump to head off the government shutdown.

While they couldn’t come to an agreement and the meeting grew quite contentious, one opinion was pretty unanimous on social media in the following days: Pelosi’s chic, high-collar winter coat was fabulous. 

‘Not the most important thing — the most important thing is that Nancy Pelosi is a BALLER — but this coat is ON POINT,’ wrote one Twitter user. 

‘On a brighter note, Pelosi’s coat is very nice,’ tweeted The Hill columnist Niall Stanage.

‘Putting politics aside for a second, can we all agree that Pelosi is wearing an exceptionally stylish coat?’ another writer tweeted. 

When asked if the coat, from Max Mara’s 2013 collection, was a ‘deliberate’ choice, Pelosi said no, and that she wasn’t trying to say anything with it.

‘No, contrary to what you might read,’ she replied. ‘It was cold and I needed a coat, so I went shopping in my closet. I had no plan or intention; it was just clean. Clean should be the first criteria.’

She’s had the coat for several years, having bought in it late 2012 on a shopping trip with her daughter, Christine. In January of 2013, she wore it to President Obama’s second inauguration. 

The coat proved such a popular choice that the designer even re-issued it this spring. 

And since then, people have definitely taken notice of her style. In March, the Washington Post magazine published a piece titled ‘She may not acknowledge it, but Nancy Pelosi is a fashion icon.’ 

According to the piece, Pelosi doesn’t have a stylist and does most of her shopping at Bergdorf Goodman and Donna Lewis.

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast ran a piece called ‘Nancy Pelosi, Fashion Icon,’ and outlets including Vogue, Glamour, and W have covered her fashion choices.


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