Natasha Rothwell, star of ‘Insecure,’ says she takes Kelli’s confidence into her personal life.


Natasha Rothwell, star of ‘Insecure,’ says she takes Kelli’s confidence and applies it to her personal life.

Insecure fans adore Kelli Prenny for her unique sense of humor and optimism, and they believe she is a good friend.

Natasha Rothwell, who plays Kelli, talked about how she channeled some of her character’s confidence into her personal life.

In a report published in November,

In a 2021 interview with Page Six, Kelli Prenny’s actress Natasha Rothwell revealed that after playing the role since 2016, she had incorporated her character’s confidence into her personal life.

She admitted to having moments of “wanting to go down the path of self-doubt,” but like Kelli, she tells herself she’s “enough.”

She stated, “It has done a lot for me.”

“I’m glad it’s doing it for other people,” the actor added, noting that living in a predominantly white world sends “insidious” messages that “seep in in ways you don’t really know.”

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When she first started playing the fan-favorite character on Insecure, Rothwell admired how “sure” her character is and how she doesn’t question her “worthiness.” When discussing the critically acclaimed show’s final season, the actor admitted that the role has permanently changed her life, both personally and professionally.

Rothwell explained that she moved to Los Angeles to work on Insecure because she doesn’t have family there, and that the show had become her family.

In an interview with The AV Club in June 2020, Rothwell discussed how she developed her character before Season 5 premiered.

She began by expressing her regret for her “unfortunate experience” in stereotypical roles for Black plus-size women.

As a result, the actor stated that she incorporated certain beliefs into her portrayal of the character in order to “ground” the role with specific choices.

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She went on to say that a big part of Kelli’s wit comes from how confident she is in herself and what she says.

The actor described Kelli as a “truth bomb” because of her unique relatability…

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