Nathan Massey films Cara De La Hoyde looking fed up in labour after being induced


NATHAN Massey shared a video of Cara De La Hoyde looking fed up in labour after she had been induced.

The Sun revealed the star was rushed into hospital to be induced on Saturday after her after preeclampsia diagnosis.

But on Sunday evening Cara, 29, had still not given birth and was hooked up to an electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) system in her hospital bed.

Natham, 28, filmed his wife as she tried to focus on her breathing, sharing the intimate moment on Instagram.

He played Eta James’ song At Last over the clip, along with laughing emojis as they waited for their new addition to arrive.

Just before midnight, Nathan updated fans again on Cara’s progress as he snuggled up to their son Freddie-George on the sofa.

He said: “So me and Fred are patiently waiting for his little sister to come along. No sign as of yet!”

The Love Island champion and husband Nathan Massey said they were spending a “wild Saturday” in hospital – but didn’t reveal the baby is on its way.

Cara’s rep told The Sun: “Due to the pre eclampsia diagnosis, Cara has been admitted to hospital to be induced early for the safety of her and her baby. Her husband Nathan is with her in hospital at this time.”

Some fans worried something was wrong, while others were excited she might be about to give birth.

Posting a snap from her hospital bed with Nathan by her side, the couple wore face masks as they waited to be seen by a doctor.

Cara said: “Wonder how long we’re going to be here.”

She added: “Wild Saturday for mum & dad.”

“How my weekends have changed,” joked Nathan.

The couple didn’t reveal why Cara was seeing medics in the final stages of her pregnancy.ImageUpload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.UploadMedia Library

Early signs include having high blood pressure (hypertension) and protein in their urine (proteinuria).

Mild pre-eclampsia affects up to six per cent of pregnancies, while severe cases develop in up to two per cent.

The exact cause of the condition is currently unknown, but it’s thought to occur when there’s a problem with the placenta.

There are also several factors that increase the chance of developing the condition, including having a family history of it, being over 40 or expecting multiple babies.

Cara and Nathan met on the second series of Love Island in 2016, which they went on to win.

They split the following year – just a month before Cara revealed she was pregnant.

They blamed the “pressures of coming off a TV show” for the split, but the pair worked through their problems and were back together by the time they welcomed Freddie in December 2017.

Looking back on their brief time apart, Nathan credits Freddie for bringing them closer together.

At the time he said: “Since we’ve had Fred, I don’t think we’ve argued once – we get on so well now. Having Fred completely changed our relationship for the better.”


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