Natti Natasha on Why It Was the “Perfect Moment” to Talk About Raphy Pina (Exclusive)


Natti Natasha on Why Opening Up About Her Relationship With Raphy Pina Was the “Perfect Moment” (Exclusive)

Natti Natasha is a natural for someone who rarely speaks about her personal life.

In her Amazon Prime docuseries, Everybody Loves Natti, the Dominican singer, real name Natalia Gutiérrez, opens up like she’s never done before.

Diving into her relationship with fiancé Raphy Pina is one of the more intimate moments.

Everybody Loves Natti is a rewarding insight into the singer’s life over the past year for those familiar with her.

The six-episode series chronicles her relationship with manager-turned-soon-to-be-husband Raphy, as well as their family and friends, her pregnancy, and the making of her latest album, NattiVidad.

In 2018, Natti and Raphy began working together, the same year they started dating.

The couple kept their relationship a secret until this year, when they announced they were expecting their first child together.

Vida, the couple’s daughter, was born in May.

“This is the thing,” Natti explains, “we just told the world.”

“We found out I was pregnant because I was attempting to conceive.”

I couldn’t do it.

It would never happen, I was told.

Then we were all together, and I was like, ‘We have to tell the world.’ I want to tell the world my story, how it happened, because it was so beautiful.”

“So in 2021, we literally just told everyone we were together.”

She laughs as she says, “People kind of knew.”

“However, in Everybody Loves, you definitely get to see more.”

“How he handles things” was one of the things she was most surprised to learn about her fiancé during the filming process. “We support each other very much,” she says.

So I’m always there for him whenever he has a problem.

He’s always there for me when I’m going through a tough time,” she says.

The documentary also reveals a different side of Pina Records’ founder and producer.

Viewers will learn about his upbringing, diabetes struggles, and even legal difficulties.

“He was super normal about it because he has a lot more time in the game than me,” Natti says of how he feels about sharing his life story with the world.

“He is who he is, and he makes no apologies for it.”

She goes on to say, “He has a lot of self-assurance.”

“Our working environment is fantastic.

He’s my manager when we’re outside, and I’m Natti Natasha.

When are you going to do something?

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Natti Natasha on Why It Was the “Perfect Moment” to Talk About Raphy Pina’s Relationship (Exclusive)

Natti Natasha on Why It Was the ‘Perfect Moment’ to Open Up About Her Relationship With Raphy Pina (Exclusive)

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